30 Winter Nail Art Ideas for Festive Holidays 2021-22

Winter is already here, and it’s all about warmth be it in clothes, feelings, festivities or nails. Nails play an important role in the fashionable look of a person. Nail art in winter becomes more aesthetic, pretty and warm. It can involve different hues of blues, darker shades on nails. Some colors that are complementing your sweater or coat.

One of the coolest idea is to simply apply matte nail polish on the nails to get an extraordinary simple yet elegant winter look. It is a beautiful way to paint your nails with different cold winter looks to express your love for this cold season. Make a high impression on other, by adding these winter nail art looks with your outfits.

Here we are with some striking appealing dazzling winter nail looks, which you might want to try yourself all this winter 2021-22.

1. Frozen Snowman Olaf Nails

Frozen Inspired Olaf Nails are a great way to greet winter season in a unique way.

Frozen Snowman Olaf Nails

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2. Christmas Lights Nail Art

Christmas neon Lights on your nails can be very appealing in the winter holiday season if you are going out for a party or Christmas shopping.

Christmas winter neon lights nail art

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3. Christmas Nail Art

Red is the color of every season, but it symbolizes Christmas in its own way, hence it can be paired with snow flakes and polka dots to create this look.

Christmas nail art

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4. Aztec Pattern Winter Manicure

Winter is all about patterns, reindeer’s, snow and all, this look is perfect for winter nails.

Aztec Pattern Winter Manicure

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5. Gradient of Greens

Gradient of greens combined with black mixed with glitter is a complete winter look and easy to create.

Winter Nails Gradient of Greens

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6. Simple Glossy Glittered Winter Nails

Glittered manicure in a dark color will complement the winter look for you.

Simple Glossy Glittered Winter Nails

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7. Snowman Glittery Snow Nails

A snow man with glittery snow on your finger nails is one of the best winter designs one can create.

snowman with glittery snow winter nails

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8. Best Winter Color Nails

Take out the warmth of your inner self in these winters by applying a dull-colored nail paint accompanying clothing or your hot coffee mugs.

best winter color nails

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9. Winter Snow Nail Art

Create a beautiful wintertime scene by applying snowy branches and snow on to your nails.

Winter Snow Nail Art

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10. Warm Toned Nail paint

Add some nail gems, glitter and glam to a warm toned nail paint and create this look.

Winter warm toned nail paints

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11. Easy Nail Art for Winter

Add snowflakes to elegant French manicure to achieve this look.

Easy Nail Art for Winter

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12. Winter Nail Designs

Christmas trees can be a master piece in winter nail designs and can depict holiday season beautifully.

winter nail designs Christmas trees

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13. Black Nail Art

Elegant Black nails with snowflakes and snow effects ideal for winter nail art design.

Black Winter Night Snow Scene Nails

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14. Shades of Grey

Different shades of Gray color can be used to create a Warm looking winter design for nails.

Shades of Grey Winter Nails

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15. Snowman Face Nail Art

Snowman’s Smiley face on your nail will surely make you shiver to wintery cold.

easy snowman nail art

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16. Snowman Nail Designs

Different snow men on each nail will look more creative and thoughtful for winters.

Snowman Nail Designs

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17. Ugly Christmas Sweater Nail Art

Some classy wintry patterns of holiday season will do the job for some creative looks of nail art.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Nail Art

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18. Winter Acrylic Nail Art

Play around with glitters, colors and some shapes.

winter acrylic nail designs

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19. Darker Blue Glitter Nail Art

Darker shade of blue with some white snowflakes is an awesome way to show gratitude for winters.

Blue Glitter Snowflakes Winter Nails

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Christmas penguin and Candy Stick is a deadly combination to enjoy winters and holiday season.

Cool Winter Holiday Nail Design

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21. Simple Black Winter Nails

Black is the boldest color that can never go wrong in Winter, this manicure and snow black design is perfect to wear this winter.

Simple Black Winter Nails

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22. Candy-cane Stripes

Candy nails is another way to welcome Santa this winter, easy to do yet yummy looking winter nail design.

candy-cane stripes

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23. Sweater print stamp

Sweater printed nail stamps can be a soothing winter design.

Sweater print stamp nail art

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24. Knitted Sweater Nail Stamping

Wear a sweater on your nails too.

Knitted Sweater Nail Stamping

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25. Knitted Nail Art

3-D sweater nail art is the new way to say hello to winters.

Knitted Nail Art

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26. Christmas Holiday Nails

Blue, Christmas trees and stars can be a trendy winter design to be followed.

Christmas Holyday Nails

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27. Icicle Nail Art Design

Icicles can give a chilly feel to winter nails.

Icicle Nail Art Design

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28. Glamorous Christmas Nail Art

A French manicure nail art paired with some snowy frozen look can do the job.

Glamorous Christmas Nail Art

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29. Night Before Christmas Nail Art Design

Winter Nights can be created on nails.

Night Before Christmas Nail Art Design

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30. Winter Nail pattern design

You can always wear a matching bold, darker shade with your coat, sweater in these winters.

Winter Nail pattern design

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