20+ Modern Black And White Living Room Design Ideas

Are you thinking of decorating the living room? If you want a modern touch that will look elegant and stunning, the best color combination is black and white. There are endless possibilities when you combine black and white in interior designing.

Black and white living room ideas does not mean it will end up looking boring. The best thing about going monochrome is that a variety of colors look good with this combination. You can incorporate different colors in your furniture or decoration pieces.

One thing that should be kept in mind is not to use these colors in the same proportion. If you want to go for a black and white color theme, make sure that one color dominates the other in your design. Here are some modern black and white living room ideas to help you design and decorate: 

The printed black and white walls complement the entire living room. With black or white furniture, this gives the living room a modern and sophisticated touch.

The black and white furniture stands out with the striped wallpapers. This adds a classy look in this living room while having a modern touch to it.

The bold look with a bit of soft-touch makes this living room a perfect place for a family to hang out.

This living room focuses on white color with a bit of black here and there. If you live by the sea, this is the perfect look for your living room.

The black and white tiles will make the furniture stand out and give a luxurious look to the living room. Go for a black and white pattern tiles if you want a classy and modern living room.

With a fireplace to keep you warm on a cold night, this dark room gives a peaceful vibe and makes you feel safe.

The white walls and sofas with black center tables take the living room to another level.

The black and white floor pattern and huge black curtains with a bit of a golden or silver touch make this room modern and luxurious.

The white and black furniture and frames give this living room to-feel-at-home vibes. You can go for black and white frames and put family portraits on the wall to match the theme.

The green plants add life to the living room. The black and white wall décor goes perfectly with the whole theme and makes this room look beautiful.

The black color is the main focus here, but the white in the pillows or the flowers give it a nice and balanced look. This is a bold and phenomenal look for a modern style living room.

modern black and white interior

Who says you can’t have a full black and white themes living room? This room proofs that you can achieve a modern and chic look even if you just go with black and white.

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