Bulldog Trotter is the Most Adorable Star On Internet

Bulldog Trotter a French Star Dog with more follower fans on Twitter and Instagram than any of us, she have more than 60k followers on Instagram. The most cute pictures of dog won the hearts of so many on Instagram to follow the trail. Trotter has a competition with other dogs to claim a more cute looks but with its style and charming fashioned photos have been inspiring to all, which has given him the biggest rank on Instagram.

People mostly can’t live without some pet and don’t want to go out without their dogs in parks for walk or in stores, work and even on dinners, parties… Trotter is an ordinary dog with cutest eyes, she works with people she really likes and have her own photographer Sonya Yu her parent.

Hipster pup is more than comfortable with camera’s and dresses much better than many people in hats, bow ties, sunglasses…

The cute celebrity Trotter is a calm Hipster who now lives in the hearts of many people in San Francisco and all around the world, the affection of neighbor’s is remarkable for Sonya Yu and Trotter!

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