20+ Cancer Zodiac Symbol Tattoo Ideas for Men and Women

Gather round Cancerians, because it is your time of the year! Cancer is the fourth zodiac sign of the calendar and starts from June 21 and end at July 21. The animal sign of the month of Cancer is a crab and it is also indicated by a side-ways 69.

People who are born in this time period and have Cancer as their star sign are normally very moody and unsteady when it comes to their emotions. They are very prone of mood swings but when it comes to love, they love truly and strongly.

What is meant by a cancer crab tattoo?

The cancer horoscope tattoos can be very meaningful and insightful. A simple cancer crab tattoo meaning tells us that it is seen as a symbol of good-luck and power and consistency to over-come all struggles.

What is meant by cancer 69 symbol?

This is a very common question, what is the 69 symbol meaning? Well to be frank we are told that the symbol 69 is actually an abstract creation of a crab, which is the star sign of the month cancer.

There are many deep-rooted meanings behind the symbol of crab and 69, it really depends on the owner of the tattoo and which meaning they relate to most and get inked.

Although a 69 crab tattoo is a popular choice among men, there are bunch of awesome cancer zodiac tattoos for women available. If you’re a woman and your birth month falls in between the above dates, then you belong to the Cancerians group like anyone else.

We present to you these beautiful cancer sign tattoos for men and women so turn on your tattoo inspiration by looking at these cancer tattoos images and wake up your inner crab.

Crab Tattoo Images for Women

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Cancer 69 Tattoo for Women

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Now obviously men too have a right at their pick of cancer sign symbol tattoos if they too happen to be born in between June 21 – July 21. Inking a big bold July zodiac sign tattoo on your arm is the perfect way to tell the world that your sign is Cancer and you’re proud to be one.

Let’s take a look at these July tattoo ideas below.

Cancer Zodiac Tattoos For Men

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If crabs aren’t your thing, don’t need to worry about it. We’ve got plenty of more cancer zodiac sign tattoo designs for you right here.You can go for the Cancer constellation as your cancer zodiac sign tattoo.

Many people consider the cancer star constellations tattoos as one of the best cancer tattoos. See for yourself in these cancer horoscope tattoo designs.

Constellation Cancer Astrology Tattoos

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For more crab tattoo ideas dive into these cancer crab tattoos pictures and pick your favorite for your next tattoo appointment.

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Here are a few more cancer sign tattoo designs which are totally gender neutral. Both men and women can pull off these pretty cancer tattoos. Enjoy these cancer zodiac sign tattoos pictures presented just for you.

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