Care About the Environment? 5 Ways Ceiling Fans Help the Planet

It is essential to protect the environment and preserve our planet for our children and future generations. To make this happen, there is a need for every one of us to take proactive steps toward cleaner living habits. Most of the damage to our planet stems from human consumption, that is: what we consume, how much we consume, and how often we consume.

Cutting down on energy costs is one of the common ways of improving the environment. By minimizing our energy consumption needs, we also tend to cut down on our carbon footprint levels, which is important for the well-being of our planet. Our electrical appliances like ceiling fans can play a significant role in safeguarding our environment. Energy consumption not only helpsin saving our planet, but it can also help you to save money.

So, before you plan on buying a ceiling fan, you should browse through the many options of fans online, check their features.

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We have enlisted different ways by which you can effectively use a ceiling fan and protect your environment:

1. The Thermostat Feature

A ceiling fan must be used inversely with your thermostat; this will allow you to save money and energy. In simple words, if you are using a ceiling fan to cool yourself, the thermostat should be turned up at least 4 degrees. Similarly, if you are using a fan to reduce heating costs, the thermostat should be turned down. The ceiling fan allows you to raise the thermostat on your air-conditioning by six to eight degrees. Ceiling fans create a draft in the room, thus, decreasing your dependency on an air-conditioner.

2. Make Your Ceiling Fan Efficient

In case there is no one in the room, the ceiling fans do not impact temperature or comfort, so make sure that you turn off the fan when you leave the room to save power. This will subsequently reduce your energy consumption needs, hence saving the environment.

3. Understand The Wind Chill Factor

Fans don’t changethe room temperature, rather they help in accelerating the evaporation of perspiration on your skin, and that is how you feel cooler. It can make a person feel 8 degrees cooler even though the room temperature is the same. It is important for people to understand that fans do not cool rooms. They cool people. During winters, ceiling fans can be used to distribute heat more effectively in a room. Hot air being lighter than cool air, rises to the ceiling and gets stuck while cold air remains closer to the ground level. If a ceiling fan is run in a reverse direction, it can evenly distribute the hot air particles. This way, the heat will be present where you need it the most.

4. Use Ceiling Fans With Aerodynamically Designed Blades

With conservation needs in mind, people are using fans that come with aerodynamically designed blades, which helps in energy conservation. Luminous offers an extensive range of aerodynamically designed fans. Therefore, when you are shopping for fans online, you will come across a wide range of energy-efficient fans, and you can choose the best one with the highest airflow and the fans that consume less power.

5. Use Ceiling Fans With BLDC Technology

As our finite natural resources are on the verge of getting diminished and with energy prices steadily rising, we can help the environment by investing in a ceiling fan with a BLDC motor. BLDC stands for brush-less direct-current-motor. Using a ceiling fan with a BLDC motor brings the following benefits:

  • Lower electricity consumption
  • Improved Reliability
  • Noise Reduction
  • Longer Lifespan

The super-efficient 5 star rated BLDC ceiling fans are available in the market, and you can shop for these fans online too.

Simply by purchasing an energy-efficient fan, you can save money incurred on energy bills, increase the value of your real estate, and beautify your surroundings. Reputable brands like Luminous offer an impressive range of energy-efficient fans that are crafted, keeping in mind the needs of our environment.

Be more cautious and switch to an energy-efficient ceiling fan today!

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