20 Awesome Coordinate Tattoo Designs For Men and Women

To satisfy your inner adventurer and traveler, coordinate tattoos are the best. These tattoos are perfect way to relive your memories and to always remember your dreams. Coordinate have latitude and longitude coordinates which marks certain location on a world map. Coordinate tattoo symbolizes various things and places. They represent person’s birth place, from where their ancestors come from and their best memory. Coordinates tattoo designs are equally famous among men and women as they both have love for adventures.

Parents often get coordinate tattoo symbols to mark the joyous arrival of their child. Many parents also get coordinate tattoo designs to celebrate and remember little details of their child such as their first step or first word. Couples love to get coordinate tattoo of the place where they first met and fell in love. They also love to get a matching tattoo in honor of their wedding day.

Your coordinate tattoo is your story of life tattooed on body, not many people have eye for such details so coordinates tattoo can be mysterious. It is more personal than other tattoo designs, coordinate tattoos not only represent your past and your memories but also your future and your dreams. People who love traveling and adventures have marked their bodies with coordinates of places they dream to visit. In old times, sailors used to get coordinate tattoos of places they have visited around the world.

There are many placement ideas of coordinate tattoos on your body, they look cute and minimalistic when placed on places such as ankles or wrists. Women sometimes choose to get this tattoo on the back of their neck as it can be easily hidden when the hair is down and can look elegant when the hair is up. Another trend among women is to get coordinate tattoo around breast, this placement is both sexy and intimate as it can only be seen by a lover. Men prefer to get coordinate tattoo designs on the areas which enhance their manliness, such as arm, back or chest.

Coordinate tattoos are simple tattoo ideas with just numbers and letters but you can pair this tattoo with some other symbols to make it more complex and beautiful. If your dream destination is some faraway country then you can get coordinates of the country with its map. Another famous design of the tattoo is the coordination of the mountain which maybe you once visited or want to visit in the future with the sketch of the mountain itself. If you’ve a happy memory of a forest then you must get a coordinate tattoo paired with the scenery of forest.

The inspiration for getting a coordinate tattoo is endless. Sailors used to get the coordinates paired with a ship drawing or a compass. Lovers paired the coordinates of their happy places with simple declaration of love. Although most of the times coordinate tattoos are inked with simple black ink but to make it little unconventional and unique, people sometime choose colorful tattoos. Watercolor tattoos are absolutely stunning.

The list of designs for coordinate tattoos goes on and on, you can choose a tattoo design from the list we have selected below that matches your adventurous story or can draw a design picture for your next coordinate tattoo idea as well!

Canadian Coordinates

Canadian flag leaf with coordinates tattoo on bicep for men

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Amazing Mountain Coordination

mountains with coordinates tattoo on forearm

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Minimal Ankle Tattoos

coordinates tattoo on ankles

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Loving Coordinates

i love you with coordinates tattoo on forearm

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Complex Coordinate Designs on Chest

coordinate tattoo on chest for men

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Simple Coordinate Tattoo on Wrist

simple coordinate tattoo on wirst

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Gorgeous Coordinates on Back Neck

coordinate tattoo on back neck for women

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Sailors Boat with Coordinates

coordinate tattoo with ship for men

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Gorgeous Black and White Rose with Coordinates

beautiful black and white rose and coordinate tattoo for girls

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Colorful Map with Coordinates

colorful map with coordinates tattoo

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Black and Red Compass and Coordinate

compass with coordinates tattoo

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Incredible Bridge Coordinates

coordinate tattoo with bridge design

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Sexy Under Breast Tattoo Idea

under breast coordinate tattoo for women

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Lovely Matching Coordinate for Couples

matching coordinates tattoo for couples

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Beautiful Arrow with Coordinate on Collar Bone

arrow with coordinate tattoo on collar-bone for girls

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Pretty Flower and Butterfly Design with Coordinate

lotus flower with butterfly and coordinate tattoo

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Striking Watercolor Compass and Coordinates Design

watercolor coordinate tattoo design with compass on back shoulder blade

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Simple Coordinate Tattoo with Ravens

coordinate with ravens tattoo on wrist

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Pretty Spine Tattoo Idea for Women

pretty coordinate tattoo on spine for women

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Cute Airplane with Coordinate on Ankle

travelers aeroplane and coordinate tattoo on ankle

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