25+ Adorable Finger Tattoos For Couples

Couple is a pair of two people who are made for each other and the couple tattoos symbolizes their commitment and love for each other. There are plenty of trends revolving around world such as exchanging rings, lockets which are been followed by couples but couples tattoo is something lasts for lifetime if done with permanent ink. Couple finger tattoos are becoming widespread day by day and accepted by in the society.

‘A couple tattoo says it loud that I am going to be there for you and with you forever’

‘Ink has replaced metals’

Couple finger tattoos represents the importance of your lover in your life. These cute finger tattoos holds a lot of significance and they are actually really endearing and adorable when holding hands in public and showing off their tattoos which embodies an everlasting love and sincerity to the other person. Having said that, the alternative wedding tattoo are not only cheaper, you don’t have to worry about losing them.

‘A circle is round it has no end. That’s how long I want to be yours’

Being in a relationship you feel so special that you want to keep the other person alive in yourself because you’re fervently in love with that person. So the modern couples get matching finger tattoos for couples to flaunt their passionate love. Mostly couples prefer to have identical tattoos on their wedding fingers which are aesthetically appealing and show their love and relationship. These finger tattoos matching jog your memory about the bond you share with your loved one or you can say constant reminder of the other person who can bear you.

In order, to show your love one don’t need to get something massive even the small things with deep meaning also counts. Couples can have tattoos of small things they love together like if they both love a bird they both can have identical tattoo of that bird on the same finger because it is something you both love. Furthermore, as a group effort whether one person or two people choose couples tattoos, approach them. If you end up having a falling out together, at least one good thing happens. Both of you at least take this home: you made a profound difference in each other’s lives, which can be a source of reunite.

The couple finger tattoos are been opt by modern love partners either as a wedding ring on ring finger or sides of the finger, on knuckles, or at the inner side of the fingers as discreet numbers, symbols or secretive language. The correct placement of the tattoo emphasizes the beauty of your fingers.

Tattoo on finger is like dealing with plenty of uneven surfaces thereby fingers are the most challenging areas to get tattooed and for that you require an experienced and highly skilled artist to execute it properly. Tattooing on fingers and then maintaining them is not always easy but make sure to take necessary precautions before getting them.

The couple finger tattoo designs can be personalized according to your style and taste. Tattoos art patterns are perfect to remember certain events, places or memories. Fingers are easily seen by anybody so we are always making an impression with our fingers. So before you decide to get inked on your finger it’s always a great idea to do some research and choose the unique idea. Here is the list of most unique couple finger tattoos we have managed to gather for you:

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Lock and Key

lock and key tattoo on side fingers for couples

image credit

The lock that is inked on the finger of the guy and key on the finger of girl representing that key can unlock the love of his man.

Name on Ring Finger

couples name tattoo on ring finger

image credit

Marriage Rings

couples matching knot tattoo on ring finger for marriage

image credit

Wedding Date

wedding date tattoo for married couples

image credit

Eternity Love

infinity side finger tattoo for love partners

image credit

To infinity and beyond, it may be a plain tattoo but knowing the deeper meaning behind it makes it popular.

Matching Anchor

matching anchor tattoo on ring fingers for couples wedding

image credit

Anchor is an ancient symbol which is Tattoo for hope, honor and loyalty.


image credit

King and Queen

king and queen tattoo on fingers for couples

image credit

Pinky Finger Promise

pinky finger promise tattoo for lovers

image credit

Engagement Date

engagement date tattoo for couples wedding

image credit

This date tattoo determines a particular date or occasion couple wish to mark.

King and Queen with Heart

king and queen tattoos on finger for love

image credit

Couple tattoos are not always supposed to look alike but the deep meaning behind them connect them.

Always With You

love quote tattoo on fingers for couples

image credit

Ship Wheel and Anchor

ship wheel and anchor tattoo for couples on finger

image credit

Ship wheel and anchor symbol shows that a couples will always find their way back to each other no matter what.

Cute Ring Finger Tattoos

cute ring finger tattoo ideas for couples

image credit

Paired Heart Tattoo

heart tattoo on inner fingers for love partners

image credit

Half heart on one’s finger the other part of it on others and when these half hearts combines the heart completes similarly this tattoo on couple’s fingers represent that when they both are together they complete each other.

Name First Letters

name initials tattoo on ring fingers for couples

image credit

Hooks Ring

fish hooks ring tattoo on wedding finger for couples

image credit

This couple finger hook tattoo will never go out of style and shows that we are ‘together forever’.

Mr. And Mrs

mr and mrs tattoo on ring fingers for couples

image credit


matching diamond tattoos on ring fingers for couples

image credit

Wedding Band Tattoos

wedding band tattoos on ring finger for couples

image credit

I Choose You

i choose you tattoo on ring fingers for love ones

image credit

Sun and Moon

sun and moon tattoo on side fingers for couples

image credit

Sun and moon can never meet but are ideal symbols because they both are opposite to each other and opposites really do attract!

Bow Tattoo

matching bow tattoos on fingers for couples

image credit

Mickey and Minnie Cartoon Love

mickey and minnie outline tattoo on fingers for couples

image credit

With a sense of humor this couple finger tattoo shows fun side of a relationship.

Till My Dying Day

best love quote tattoo on fingers for couples

image credit

Love Arrow

Heart Arrow half pair tattoo on ring fingers for couples

image credit

This couple finger tattoo splits into two and is not complete unless two of the lovers are together.

Superman and Superwoman Tattoo

superman and superwoman logo tattoo on ring fingers for couples

image credit

Lion and Lioness Tattoo

lion and lioness face tattoos on ring fingers for couples

image credit

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