Creating a Classic and Elegant Garden

If you’re fortunate enough to own a sizable garden, you might have been giving some thought to creating your very own corner of paradise. Picture lush green grass divided by symmetrical pathways, well-balanced proportions, immaculate borders and the fragrant scent of sun-warmed roses wafting through the air… a classic, elegant garden like this is suspended in time and a perpetual pleasure for its occupier.

But what makes a ‘classic and elegant’ garden? Well, rather than an overgrown jungle or devil-may-care assortment of wild flowers interspersed with weeds, a classic garden is essentially a ‘formal’ garden: one defined by symmetry, neat lines and and sharp geometry. Adorned with tasteful, luxurious and graceful touches, this ‘themed’ garden is chic and beautiful. Get it right, and you’ll have your neighbors enviously comparing your back yard to the French gardens of Versailles!

To achieve your very own classic and elegant garden, begin by focusing on giving the space ‘good bones’. In the same way that a period property boasts good bones in its high ceilings, ornate fireplaces and charming details, your garden needs to permeate quality and timeless style. Ensure that your walls, fences, paths and patios are in excellent repair, and keep your evergreen plants in tip top shape. This is important as these are the elements of your garden that will be seen all year round, whatever the season. Lighter colored structures work better than the orange-y hues of some wood colors, so consider painting your structures in a lighter hue or pressure wash paving stones to neutralize warm undertones.

Next, commit to a sophisticated color palette. A classic and elegant garden is no place to be experimenting with freehand murals, or vibrant craft projects. Instead, anchor your garden by making greenery the strongest color of all, introducing just a few colors by way of the blooms you’re growing. Pale pinks, creams and white are beautiful and will make your design feel coherent, while a single statue or feature will create a decadent focal point. If your garden contains an entertainment or relaxing area, make sure the furniture you choose is equally refined and classic: current trends and fleeting fads will look out of place in a garden like this. Move the barbeque to the garage and invest in a washing line that can be tidied away: you don’t want to spoil the perfection required to pull this look off!

Finally, manicure your hedges to perfection and ensure that lines and shapes are kept symmetrical and sharp. This kind of attention to detail is the most important element of a classic and elegant garden, as balanced proportions and high-quality topiary induce a sense of order and serenity in even the pickiest perfectionist. You can buy high quality hedges, shrubs and trees from Spalding Bulb, and it’s recommended that you invest in evergreen plants as these will remain a permanent feature of the garden for the entire year. Varieties such as box and yew are commonly used, though holly and privet can both be trained into stylized shapes and forms too.

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