30+ Cute Vintage Halloween Photos and Postcard Images

It’s time to celebrate the end of summer season. Halloween is the festival which is celebrated at the end of summer to welcome the new season of winter. It is believed that the night of Halloween is full of magic. There is some supernatural factor and all ghosts and witches are free to move on this night. People on this night wear some scary masks and costumes to deceive the ghost.

In the mid century, postcards were introduced to sent their wishes and special messages to dear ones on the special occasion. For the Halloween, many different artists worked and made their postcards. People used such cards to greet their dear ones.

Postcards of Halloween got the special attention as they were very much different from the others. Artists used images in bit horrifying manner like cats, pumpkins and witches. Times passes and in this modern time, people do wish Happy Halloween to each other but the style and method is different. Now people use vintage e-cards, do picture massages and animated postcards each other for greetings. Hence social media just revolutionized the life of today and people opted many different ways to greet their dear ones. On the Halloween, everyone try to do something different. People try different ideas to wish others and to make their Halloween celebrations full time memorable.

Vintage postcards are always fun for everyone. People of all ages, especially the young ones love this style of postcards. Vintage card always bring a happiness on face, and when we are using vintage postcards to share with other so just imagine how wonderful it was.

In this article, we have selected cute images and vintage postcards for Halloween. Some are animated, cute and weird while most of them are vintage styled to give an overview.

Happy Halloween to Mr. and Mrs. Pumpkin

Halloween vintage art postcards

Photo credits

Here we go…..Indoor celebrations begins

Halloween vintage painted postcard

Photo credits

Greeting…. Isn’t it scary???

cute qute Halloween postcard

Photo credits

This is Cute one

Free cute Vintage Halloween Postcards Images

Photo credits

Hmmm…feast is about to begin

Halloween Clapsaddle Witch Black Cat Postcard

Photo credits

Just run my dear Cat…its Halloween


Photo credits

Excitement for Halloween preparation

free cute funny Halloween ecards

Photo credits

Welcome to party dude….

cute Happy Halloween decoration card photo

Photo credits

This is frightening….better to be with mom.

Vintage Halloween photo for postcard

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Minions version of Halloween

old style cute funny minions ecard photo

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Why so serious…Are you afraid of Halloween???

happy halloween card

Photo credits

Hmmm…..witches can also be pretty


Photo credits

A Jolly Halloween

Vintage halloween girl and poem postcard

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Here I come out…its Halloween

Halloween Vintage Postcard

Photo credits

Celebration time begins…

jolly halloween postcard

Photo credits

Please let it go.

funny vintage halloween postcards

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its Halloween….don’t spoil our fun

Happy Halloween vintage fun postcard

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Halloween in old times

bizarre vintage halloween postcard

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Moon witnessed everything

halloween funny vintage postcard

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My dear…we are together on this Halloween

Lovely Vintage Halloween Postcards

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Minion lovers….this is for you


Photo credits

Cuteness overloaded…

Disney Happy Halloween Donald Cutting Pumpkin Postcard

Photo credits

Happy Halloween…now please turn on the light

Purple Pumpkin Lights animated candle gif pumpkin halloween pics

Photo credits

Don’t stop me…just dance

Dale’s skeleton idea photo

Photo credits

Halloween is all around

Count Dogula photo

Photo credits

Just love you both…

Kittens cats jack o lanterns pumpkins Halloween moon original aceo painting art

Photo credits

Mickey Mouse style greetings…


Photo credits

Let me help you my dear….

Vintage Halloween Postcard

Photo credits

Its Halloween night….stay in your homes

Vintage Halloween card

Photo credits

We are coming to rock you


Photo credits

Summer is out…it’s time to Halloween

Halloween is coming vintage card image

Photo credits

Witch of dream

Cute Halloween Pin-up Girl October 1955

Photo credits

Halloween hangout

Vintage Halloween Postcards

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