Top 18 Demi Lovato Tattoo Designs & Their Importance

Demi Lovato tattoos are not new for Tattoo Lovers, It is an inspiration to many people from years. The famous American actress and Pop singer has introduced many tattoo designs. Whenever you think about pop singers, then Demi Lovato name will surely hit your mind especially when it comes to body art. She owns many patterns and keeps on inking new designs to expand her collection. So, browse Music sensation tattoos below.

Have you wondered that Demi Lovato tattoos 2017-2018 patterns are newest in addition. The body art patterns and designs are now revolutionized. It is true that Lovato patterns have taken over the Instagram, we have managed to count the top 18 designs that will always inspire the fans of this Hollywood Actress and Singer.

1. Lion Tattoo

The famous singer loves to get her body ink and she always adds a new tattoo in a unique way. Recently she got a new lion tattoo on her hand, tattoo design is loved by her fans. She showed her tattoo on Instagram and is super excited with black and white inked lion. The tattoo is similar to Justin Bieber and Cara Delevingne Lion Tattoos. Her Instagram story tells that she got the tattoo in New York.

Demi Lovato Lion Tattoo

Picture Credit

Demi Lovato new lion tattoo

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2. Cross tattoo

Demi Lovato has a black cross tattoo on the side of her right-hand just below the pinkie finger which she inked in 2011 June. The tattoo denotes her religious Christian faith and she owns it because she believes as a devout Christian. Take a look at her pictures.

demi lovato cross tattoo

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Demi Lovato cross tattoo on side of right hand

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3. Stay Strong Tattoo

This is the quote tattoo engraved by American singer on the wrist when she was going through the difficult situations of life such as physical stress and emotional issues. According to her, it was her fans who supported her and she inspires all of them to stay strong and recover whenever she faces hard times. The quote words are super stylish.

Demi Lovato Stay Strong Quote Tattoo on wrists

Picture Credit

4. You make me Beautiful

It is one of the first tattoo inked on Demi Lovato body. She was 16 when she had it on the right side of her ribs. The inspirational phrase is from the famous song by Bethany Dillion “Beautiful” which proves very encouraging. The tattoo is updated by the Pop Star twice, once with a dream catcher and later on with feathers. However, it denotes strength and is one of the exquisite design.

Demi Lovato First Tattoo

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Demo Lovato tattoos keep on updating. She added a pair of feathers to the quotation in September 2011 to recreate the look.

Demi Lovato ribs tattoo

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The dreamcatcher was the latest addition made to the tattoo. The small quote turned out to be a huge pattern which almost covers her half body. However, three more additions were made along with the strands of beads.

Demi Lovato tattoo you make me beautiful and dreamcatcher

Picture Credit

5. Watercolor Feather Tattoo

The watercolor Turquoise feather tattoo depicts fun and wild attitude of the pop singer. It is right behind her left ear. however, the tattoo is really cute.

Demi Lovato feather tattoo behind ear

Picture Credit

6. Lips on Wrist

Lips on Wrist is Demo Lovato one of the playful tattoos. She got it as a matching tattoo with friends Lauren Pietra, Ivey Ensley, and Hanna Beth. The kiss mark denotes friendship and seriousness towards the relation.

Demi Lovato lips tattoo on forearm

Picture Credit


The famous pop singer also has PEACE word inked on her middle finger. The tattoo is inked on the side of the left finger in a script font.

Demi Lovato finger tattoo

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8. Rock N Roll Tattoo

Rock N Roll is also one of the fun tattoos of Demi Lovato. It’s just she is a pop singer and fan of the rock and roll music. It is inked on the side of the middle finger of right hand.

Demi Lovato middle finger tattoo

Picture Credit

9. Faith on arm

Faith Tattoo is inked on the arm of Hollywood Celebrity. It is present on the right arm just below is a matching tattoo with her friend whom she met during her treatment.

Demi Lovato faith tattoo on forearm

Picture Credit

10. Smiley face

Demi also has a cutest and sugary smiley face tattoo on the tip of pinky finger. It denotes happiness, keeps smiling message to all fans and friends because life is short.

Demi Lovato pinkie tattoo

Picture Credit

11. Rose on arm

It is a cover-up tattoo that is inked on the red lips. the red lips tattoo is being covered with black dark leaves along with beautiful gray rose.

Demi Lovato black and grey Rose tattoo

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12. Second rose on Arm

Right after hiding the lips tattoo, Demi got another change on her forearm by adding one more rose. The added rose has leaves which spread right next to III tattoo.

Demi Lovato Black Rose Tattoos 2017

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13. Africa Outline Pattern

Demi owns an outline pattern of Africa on her elbow of right hand. Demi got it when she was in Kenya and helped WE charity to build a school. So, because of the special trip, she inked the memory on her arm.

Demi Lovato Africa Outline Tattoo Pattern 2017

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14. Roman III

Lovato owns Roman III tattoo in honor of her father who passed in 2013 June. She told that it was his father’s favorite number because he was a fan of Dale Earnhardt racer who drove 3 number car.

Demi Lovato Roman Numerals tattoo

Picture Credit

15. Flock of free birds

It is also one of the huge yet beautiful tattoos on the right forearm of Singer. The free flock of birds is surrounded by word FAITH which signifies freedom. However, there are total 12 birds on her arm which denotes Alcoholic Anonymous 12 steps recovery program which is the freedom from abuse.

Demi Lovato New Flock of birds Tattoo

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Demi Lovato flock of birds tattoo

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Demi Lovato Soaring Birds tattoo ink

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16. Let Go and Let God Tattoo

It was the feet tattoo which super star got on 2012 September. The amazing tattoo follows both feet from right to left.

Let Go and Let God Tattoo

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Demi Lovato Let Go and Let God Tattoo on feet

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17. Now I am a Warrior

It is one of the Demi Lovato tattoos which signifies bravery and strength. She dedicated this tattoo to her famous album WARRIOR. This tattoo brings positive vibes in her and is very close to her heart.

Demi Lovato warrior tattoo

Picture Credit

18. Roman dates

On the side of Demi, you will observe that five dates are inked by Bang Bang. The dates are linked with the birth dates of her mother, older sister, younger sister, stepfather as well as biological father’s birthday.

Demi Lovato roman numerals tattoos

Picture Credit

Demi Lovato represents stronger woman who had dealt with emotional as well as physical issue. So, she tries to cover herself with permanent yet positive vibes or messages. Get yourself a positive and inspirational Demi Lovato tattoos. Do not forget to share your image with us in comments section. Happy Tattooing.

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