20+ Different Types of Haircuts For Men

To get the ultimate cool looks, men need to visit barber more often but knowing specific names for different types of haircuts for men seems bit confusing. One of the common reason men get a bad haircut is they never understand the barber terminology.

Every guy has a right to avail the opportunity to style themselves with the coolest hairstyle. It is good that men must select the best style and cuts. So learning the haircut names ensures the best haircut especially while visiting the barbershop.

Gents do have more choice when it comes to styling and haircuts. But the selection of getting short strands, medium hair or long hair styling would be definitely overwhelming.

It is best to provide the barber with a good reference image to simplify the clarification and showing inspiration photo. Remember if at any time the barber seems uninterested, walk away and do not show the courage to have the haircut from him.

We understand the consequences when you are unable to explain the haircut to the barber and the bad description does not let you have your desired look.

Unfortunately, barber terminology and the haircut names are easy to understand. We have a plan for our readers which will fix the issue definitely.

Following are the different types of haircuts for men.

Men Long Haircut Types

1. Quiff

men haircut types-quiff

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This style is perfect for men with medium length hair. It is a type of pompadour but is more versatile because of the messy look.

2. Blow Out

men haircut types-blowout

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For an amazing look and to add volume to your hair, haircut surely stands out the appearance. This style can be achieved with medium or long hair.

3. Side Part Pompadour

men haircut types-side part pompadour

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Men with medium hair can add a twist in their style with the side part pompadour.

4. Long Curly Hairstyle

men long curly haircuts

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If the texture of your hair is wavy or curly, it is best to embrace the natural look. This style does require good maintenance so do not forget to use a good shampoo.

5. Ponytail

men ponytail hairstyles

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If you can make a bun, a ponytail is not a bad option either. It definitely adds a dimension to your appearance and helps you to look years younger.

6. Shoulder Hair

men shoulder length haircuts

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The shoulder hair length looks perfect only if you have sleek and straight hair. Frizzy hair does not look nice.

7. Extra Long Hair

men extra long haircuts

image credit

8. Slick Back Hair

men slick back haircut

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If you do not want to chop your hair length, a formal style still can be achieved with long hair. Make sure to keep your hair tidy and neat.

9. The Bun

men bun haircut

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A bun is popular among men with long hair. It gives a unique look and is simple to wear.

10. Center Parting

men center parting haircut

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This style is not best for men with oval face cut but looks appealing if you have a square face or round face shape. Just part your hair from the center and use a little gel for a well-maintained look.

Men Short Haircut Types

1. Buzzcut

men haircut types-buzzcut

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It is the short haircut with low maintenance. It looks stylish and simple with an even cut.

2. Crew Cut hairstyle

men haircut types-crew cut

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It is definitely a classic hairstyle which is short and looks pretty much awesome on anyone. The sides get fade and length on the top of the head gets shorter.

3. French Crop

men haircut types-french crop

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Yes, it is unique and a bit tricky cut, because it needs to be well-defined fringe and sides, must be faded.

4. Pompadour

men haircut types-pompadour

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It is a traditional haircut which needs high maintenance and gives your hair a definite volume. For a modernized look, it is perfect.

5. Side part

men short side part haircut

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The high definition look is an inspiration from 90`s, this style is perfect for formal occasions.

6. Spiky haircut

men spiky haircut

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The popular hairstyle never gets old because of low maintenance. All you need is to apply some wax to achieve a messy look.

7. Taper Fade Haircut

men taper fade haircut

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Men with short hair can achieve this cut with side fades. This suits on extremely curly hair because of classic style.

8. Undercut fade

men undercut fade haircut

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If you want to give your look a dramatic feel, undercut fade is perfect for you.

9. Curly hair

men curly haircut

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Curly hair looks better naturally but all you need is to lock your look by controlling the waves. They look perfect in short hair and do not need maintenance.

10. Skin fade haircut

skin fade haircut for men

image credit

To highlight your face features skin fade haircut is great and defines your personality.

11. Scissor cut

men scissor haircut

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Scissor cut does not need any shaver for cutting. It is actually a blunt cut popular among men in 30`s.

The guide provided by us offers different types of haircuts for men. When you visit the barber, many questions will pop up in your mind that what haircut will suit you and how short your hair can get.

Just before asking for a unique cut, take the length of your hair into account. Before making choice for a haircut, it is also imperative to visit the right barber. It is essential to take into account many factors just as barber you are visiting must have a good reputation.

You can take online help by checking reviews. Do keep your budget in mind and do not pay a huge amount on just getting a good trim.

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