Dive Into Imaginary Illustration By Pete Revonkorpi

Pete Revonkorpi – an illustrator from Finland. His Created Drawings will take you to the Imagination deep with no return, the time has no ticking as in zero gravity. His work has been published in the Illustration of many top Magazines and newspapers and in online publications all around the Globe.

Pete Revonkorpi lifelong dream of becoming a writer, but the stories he wrote, were more like fairy tales. He thought that fairy tales to illustrate it will be necessary and decided to learn to paint. While Pete has learned to tell their stories through pictures, completely without words. Illustrator drawing using Paiter. The main secret of his works is the use of a certain anti-aliasing, which gives pictures lightness and softness. His works are executed with great precision, while maintaining a special and personal style.

Inspiration is everywhere, and as long as you can see the invisible part of the art it is filled with magic and supernatural powers. To see yourself over in a fantasy world of joy with the artist Pete Revonkorpi, you need to have a good imagination. Its our pleasure to give you a collection of this great artist, Hope you will Enjoy all his Illustration Work.

Pete Revonkorpi Illustration on DeviantArt

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