15 Easy Last Minute DIY Birthday Gifts For Your Girl

Birthday Gift selection is not an easy decision, celebrating birthday in the new year is exciting because you have a choice to be unique by making an easy DIY Birthday Gift for your love, friend or family members birth day. It is fast way to create inexpensive birthday gift that makes you the most special member of the birthday party for others to think that the gift is created with expensive tools. We have 15 best ideas for you to learn simple designed cute birthday gifts for your next celebration event!

1. Colored wood vases

Colored wood vases

Tutorial Link: Sarah Hearts

It’s an easy diy gift for your girl friends birthday, all you need is proper supplies and perfect knowledge of flowers and colors. It is simple for creating last minute gift, you can add a personal touch to home decor with ordinary glass vases coated with wood stick on panels to be transformed into classic wooden decor, you need to paint it wisely to have different look.

2. Geometric Wreath

Geometric Wreath

Tutorial Link: Sugar and Cloth

Design beautiful design savvy pals to create geometric wreath you love.

3. Bookmark


Tutorial Link: onelmon

This craft is easy to make from ice cream sticks. So if your friend is a book lover, then it would be great to gift her.

4. Marble votives

Marble votives

Tutorial Link: Lovely Indeed

5. Kindle Cover

Kindle Cover

Tutorial Link: Sugar and Cloth

To keep fingers relaxed and providing ease to reading, this great Kindle cover will surely be loved by your friend. You can create entire theme according to the birthday girl favorite color or character.

6. Reading Pillow

Reading Pillow

Tutorial Link: Polka Dot

To add pleasure to life for book lovers you can provide them reading pillow with an attractive pillow. You can revamp any old pillow covers by providing treasures in pocket. It is best to add a charming book or favorite magazine for birthday lady.

7. Cupcake Gift

Cupcake Gift

Tutorial Link: Nellie

An individual cupcake carrier needs pretty packaging, and it is an easy way to gift a single huge cupcake.

8. Bubble bath

Bubble bath

Tutorial Link: Eat Drink Chic

For independent gorgeous label go to the tutorial link. You will end up finding a variety of homemade bubble bath recipe.

9. Watercolor Portrait

Watercolor Portrait

Tutorial Link: Creative

Easy watercolor portraits are perfect for gifting girls, you have to work a little bit and need some painting skills, there are many artistic photos which look appealing in bright watercolors. Trace out outline and then fill color in it.

10. DIY locket

DIY locket

Tutorial Link: Lovely Drawer

The intentional design work for DIY neck candy would surely be your friends favorite. For the Fimo effects, you need Polymer clay, marble and granite block will easily turn into tube beads. It looks very attractive and effective.

11. Wooden Cutting Board

Wooden Cutting Board

Tutorial Link: Design Mom

It may not be the easiest DIY gifts but will inevitably turn out to be most beautiful.

12. Jewelry Tray

Jewelry Tray

Tutorial Link: Fabulous Fete

If you are thinking about the most natural gift idea, then last minute gift for your special friend is dish jewelry tray or holder. You can customize any pot or anything according to your friend’s taste.

13. Watercolor Trivet

Watercolor Trivet

Tutorial Link: Papernstitch

Trivets make cute DIY gifts, they will provide a great housewarming addition. You do not need to sew it and have to follow and create. A perfect introduction for beginners is incredible.

14. Marble Tray

Marble Tray

Tutorial Link: Almost makes Perfect

If your friend is a hostess, then marble trays are inexpensive gifts for the dinner entertainers. These trays are cute and will surely compliment the décor, make sure to use the compliment color of marble tray.

15. Washi Candles

Washi Candles

Tutorial Link: Minted

This gift is well crafted and perfect for any dinner. You can exceptionally have fun for decorated candles with washi taped candles, All you need is to discover a reliable pattern to use on candles. Vintage brass candle holders will add loveliness to dinner.

So try out these great DIY birthday gifts and create beautiful gifts. The result will surely come out to be cute and will be loved.

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