15 Easy Tips How To Make Christmas Gift Card

Oh, it is great to receive a surprise gift cards from your loved ones on Christmas, It is the most popular item on every holiday. The National Retail Federation Survey have concluded that gift cards are most demanded than any other items, It proves to be one of the thoughtful gesture and people want them.


If you want to give your friends or loved ones a great gift, then present it with the amazing card. You can present them with a delight, bouquet or any gift. So check out the following tips and maximize the effect of your gift you will surely be able to put the good thought in the present.

Make gift cards

It is never too late for Christmas gift cards, You can make the cards any time before Christmas. However, it is better to start with the cards as soon as possible, This will help you to put your ideas for experiments. These tips are easy to implement and will surely help you out.

1. Ipod gift card


Photo Credit: Blue Bird

It is one of the creative and cute card, You can use it as a wrapping for your DIY card or can also display your Christmas Message on the top. Giving these to your friends is fun, You can follow the tutorial here.

2. Ribbon Tree


Photo Credit: Interesting

Now you can make your own Christmas Greeting card which is easy and inexpensive, It can be decorated with ribbons and is easy to craft. The personalized card will surely grab the attention of your loved one.

3. Quilling Christmas tree


Photo Credit: Interesting

Now you can make the paper quilling card by following this easy technique. If you know quilling then this card will be very easy for you, Just shape the card and paste the paper quills onto the card.

4. Embellished envelope and card


Photo Credit: House by Hoff

Now make the amazing envelopes for your handmade gift cards. These embellished card are cute and great, You can put the simple cards with a simple wish into it, Read the tutorial here.

5. Reindeer card


Photo Credit: Alltarynne

This Christmas card is simple to make. You need a black card with some eyes for detailing and the best wishes written inside, The googly eyes will surely enhance the look.

6. Homemade Card


Photo Credit: Design Bolts

You can take the idea from the picture. This is the most elegant, simple and best card you can make.

7. Christmas Lights


Photo Credit: Crafty Morning

The receiver will surely fell in love with the Christmas gift card, The fingerprint tree lights give a fantastic look, This card is very handy and profitable. You can read the tutorial here.

8. Glittery Tree Card


Photo Credit: Bees DIY

Follow the step by step tutorial to make the Glittery Tree Card. All you need is glitter, some beads, and a card to paste on.

9. Paper cards and Envelopes


Photo credit: Sweet Tidings

This is inspired from the Japanese wooden templates, It is a great handmade stationery product which is natural, simple and rustic. You have to be little skilled to make this Christmas heart shaped gift cards, Follow the step by step tutorial here.

10. Green Sequin tree


Photo credit: Beauty and Beard

If you do not want the picture printed cards, then this will surely work. All you have to cut out sequenced color triangles and paste them accordingly with a sequin stars on top. Write a good wish inside and post it to your loved one.

11. Button Greetings


Photo Credit: Be-Alice

Handmade cards are always the best gesture, Utilize the old buttons and craft relatively easy card. All you need is a card, scissors, glue and a wrapping paper.

12. Santa Card


Photo Credit: Images Wishes

If you are not creative and do not want to put much effort, then make this beautiful card. The receiver will surely love the mustache and cap of Santa Claus.

13. Pop Up Tree


Photo Credit: Wonderful DIY

It is great to pop up a card which is different from the other cards, It gives a sleek and beautiful look to your Christmas card.

14. Cute Reindeer Card


Photo Credit: Gemma Garner

The reindeer card is very cute and different from other trees or Santa Claus gift cards, It is straightforward and easy to make, All you need is to be a little creative. Get the instructions here.

15. Designer Holiday Card


Photo Credit: Modern

No Christmas is complete without a printable photo card. Just create the beautiful photo cards and share the loveable and memorable moments by wishing your family and friends.


All of above are the great Christmas handmade DIY gift cards. They are cost effective, easy to follow and lets you create professional and best cards, Give them a try and send to your loved ones. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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