15 Elvira Tattoo Designs Ideas For Women

Elvira is known for her full personality which is why her tattoo designs are preferred all over the world among people of different ages. Elvira known as Mistress of the Dark, the sexy vixen with the valley girl’s cadence and buxom curves that belies a strong, independent woman beneath. Elvira is also stronger than she looks which is why people wear Elvira tattoo to represent their boldness and courage.

Elvira iconic dress tattoo is inked more often, the slinky black dress with a plunging neckline, cinched tight at the waist with a belt, and slit high on the thighs fits her sexy persona, but its design was far more practical than it would appear. Similar input and efforts are required while getting iconic dress tattoo inked.

Elvira tattoo symbolizes wearer is a dreamer, who’s not afraid to tell people exactly what he/she thinks. According to tattoo artist mostly strong women get this tattoo as it well defines their personality. The character of Elvira has also been featured in some PlayStation 3 games and computer games which makes it more attractive tattoo option too.

As she is often associated with Halloween, Elvira won’t be retiring anytime soon and this is why Elvira became more popular, many Halloween tattoo themes became associated with Elvira. Elvira in combination with bats and dagger is popular and known for Halloween.

If you’re looking for tattoo which portrays your bold and strong personality then Elvira tattoo is the correct option. Here are few tattoo ideas for you:

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