How to Easily Create French Braided Pigtails with Tips and Different Styles

What is French braided pigtail?

French braided pigtails are a certain type of hair styles where in all the hair is braided to form two single braids. The braid starts from forehead then after parting hair in two on either side goes down by crossing and adding more hair.

French braided pigtails are fun and cute hairstyles which is trending these days. Due to its sleek design it looks elegant and sophisticated.

french braided pigtails

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Whether you want elegant and simple hairstyles or you want a combo of funny and ebullient hairstyles, these pigtails look cute, beautiful and are a fashion trend nowadays. The hairstyle is one of the oldest and most popular hair inventions. You can go to school while trying this cool and new hairstyle or you can go to job while creating this simple and elegant look. The French pigtails can be braided on chin-long hair length but look best on shoulder length.

french pigtails

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A French braided pigtail may appear complicated but it’s not that hard. It’s nearly effortless to pull off and make an excellent fix for a bad hair day.

How to create French braided pigtails?

The French braid is the first braid you will probably try that will continuously incorporate strands of hair into a three-strand braid. Each time you pass hair over the center strand, you’re going to grab more hair and add into it. In this way, you can see the patterned appearance where the hair looks like it’s been pulled from the sides.

What do you need?

  • Hair band, brush and your hands.


1. Brush hair

Brush your hair. Better to condition your hair that day, so that they can quickly get brushed, and are soft and gentle to handle and smooth out any knots or tangles.

2. Divide hair into three sections on each sides

Gather enough hair from the top of the hair and divide hair into three equal sections. Hold right section in right hand, left in left hand and the middle section between thumb and another finger of either hand.

3. Cross the sections and add hair to the section on each sides

To start a braid start crossing the section like, right over middle and left over the middle. Pull sections reasonably tight to make it look more defined and beautifully patterned. Repeat adding hair and crossing the sections.

4. Secure the braid at the end with a band on each sides

Once you reach the bottom of the braid, secure the end by tightly wrapping a hair band. You can check the complete steps here.

easy steps to create french braided pigtails

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How can you create different styles by French braiding?

There are many styles that you can create on your own according to different occasions.

Different styles of French braided pigtails

1. Short French Pigtail Braid

short french braided pigtail

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This stylish look has short braids with long tails, giving it a more grown-up look with a mature feel.

2. French Pigtail Buns

french braid buns

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Gathering hair into pigtails and looping them into messy buns is effortless. This fun style has a bit of bohemian vibe, with its laid-back look and rumpled sophistication.

3. Fishtail French Braid Pigtails

fish tail french braids

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If you want to style for casual days, and have long hair then Fishtail French braid is a perfect option to add chic in your casual look.

4. Messy Side French Pigtail

two dutch fishtail braids

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Messy French pigtail is a simple, easy and gorgeous look! This type of braid will keep your hair out of your face. It seems so complicated to create this look but its quite simple if your hair is manageable.

5. Reverse French Braid pigtails (Dutch Braid)

kim kardashian ghana braids

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It’s a traditional looking, classic braid, it’s a combination of French and Dutch braids and is relatively very easy to make once you know how to make a 3- French strand braid. The only thing you need to remember is to pass sections of hair underneath rather than over the top. These pigtails are the most favorite look of Kim Kardashian.

6. Double French Braided Pigtails

double french braided hairstyle

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The lovely style is seriously on-trend right now and perfect for casual occasions. French braided pigtails are not too hard to do, but can sometimes be challenging, so make sure that you can take out enough time from your routine to do them right.

7. Micronesian Braids

how to really tight french braids

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This is a double four strand French braid. That looks so cute.

8. French Ladder Braided Pigtails

french ladder braided pigtails

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These French braids look so stylish can enhance your look and personality.

9. Criss-cross French Braids Pigtails

criss cross french braid pigtails

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These braids look cool on any age. It gives a sophisticated and natural look.

10. Lovely French Braid Pigtails

cute french braided pigtails

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Lovely French braid pigtails are cute style, especially for young girls. Give you a clean and tidy look.

11. Ribbon French Braided Pigtail

ribbons french braid

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If you want to take style up a notch, adding ribbon to the regular French braid pigtail will make an ordinary French braid look unique and stylish. You can add the strand of colorful ribbons to make it look perfectly designed.

12. Loose French Braided Pigtails

easy french braided pigtails

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If you want an alternate of the formal tight French braid. Instead of braiding hair all the way, stop braiding at the nape of your shoulders, they look great loose on your shoulders you can leave them straight or curl.

13. Two-Sided French Braided Pigtails

do 2 french braids

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If one knows how to braid a French pigtail then it’s a simple and easy task to do. It would be the great substitute of the particular French braid.

14. Spiral French Braided Pigtail Crown

Spiral French Braided Pigtail Crown

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This is a cute and fun hairstyle. It can be created for traditional occasions, looks super cute and traditional at the same time.

15. Milkmaid French Braid Pigtail Crown

Milkmaid French Braid Pigtail Crown

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The heat-less crowns are simple and easy to make and look stunning. It can be an everyday hairstyle and perfect for summers.

Your favorite childhood hairstyle, pigtails, is back—with a twist. One can enjoy this timeless and chic hairstyle without any hassle. You can do French braiding while going to a morning workout, going to school, casually at any event, even in marriage ceremonies. So take out some time to play with your hair and try this traditional and classic hairstyle.

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