14 Fringe Haircut Ideas For Men

Fringe haircuts male is in fashion because of its looks trendy and it can cover your big foreheads, giving a younger look. No other hairstyles have much impact on your overall look than a fringe haircut, because it gives full coverage to your bulky face. So the style of fringe varies from guy to guy, there are few points to be considered when having a fringe haircut is that it depends on the length of your hair, the texture of your hair and the volume of your hair, fringe even looks good with fade and undercut.

How to style male fringe

When you take a fringe haircut, like an angular fringe or short fringe, your barber should leave 2 to 4 in of your hair when cutting on the angular side. Blow-dry your hair with a dryer, it gives volume to your hair if it’s thin and you can also leave it naturally without blow-drying giving it a messy fringe look. For more finishing, you can use wax, it could be a matte or shiny one.

So here are men’s fringe hairstyles 2020, have a look:

1. Angular fringe haircut male

angular fringe haircut
angular fringe haircut

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This fringe haircut can be carried by anyone that gives body to your hair, it looks good on silky straight hair and the fringes on the sides look awesome.

2. Messy fringe men

messy fringe mens

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This messy fringe hairstyle suits on round faces, either brush it up with a comb or hang them down.

3. Long fringe haircut male

long fringe haircut male

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This long fringe haircut looks cool on boys, these are more like side bangs and longer from the backside and it requires less maintenance.

4. Heavy fringe styles

heavy fringe

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You can have heavy fringes if you have thick hair.

5. Curly fringe haircut male

curly angular fringe

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You can still have fringe even if you have curly hair, it gives a modern look. it will compliment your cheekbones also.

6. Fringe hairstyle men with waves

fringe haircut

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So fringe haircut can be suited on wavy hair also with a slight fade on the sides.

7. Sleeked fringe haircut

side fringe haircut male

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This fringe haircut looks cool on cute faces and it will enhance your features with sharp edges.

8. Over-all fringe haircut male

messy fringe hairstyle

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Boys who want to look more stylish can go for this haircut, you don’t need to bother where your fringes are falling and it’s a carefree hairstyle.

9. Side-swept curly fringe haircut men

curly hair with side fringe

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Guys who want to tackle their curls nicely then this haircut is best for them and it gives a smooth look.

10. Uneven fringe haircut male with fade

short fringe fade

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So this unique style of fringe accompanied with faded side gives a sporty look.

11. Short fringe haircut with slight texture

short textured fringe haircut

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This fringe haircut is for those guys who want to stay relaxed about their fringes, it doesn’t need much styling and is low maintenance also.

12. Straight fringe with faded sides

hairstyles for straight hair with fringe

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Guys who are inspired by the bowl cut, so they can take this straight fringe haircut with a slight fade on the sides, it uses both scissor cutting and narrowing to make the bowl fringe cut noticeable.

13. Wild messy men’s fringe hairstyle 2020

mens fringe

image credit

If you want a messy fringe look as if you have just woke up from bed then you can go for this haircut.

14. Angular fringe with cresting

angular fringe hair

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If you have a beard then you can still have fringe cut depending on the texture of your hair. This style needs to set your hair in an angular way with short cut sides.

So if you are bored with your simple haircut, then you should try out one of these fringe haircut lists, it feels good experimenting with your hair and features, so you can go for any of these men’s fringe hairstyles 2020.

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