20+ Funny Tombstone Sayings for Halloween 2024

The leaves have started to change their color and the winds are blowing stronger every day. This can only mean one thing. Autumn season is on its way! And with this season comes our favorite holiday of scream and horror and candies all together. Yes, you guessed it, its Halloween!

Every year on Halloween people dress up as scary characters and decorate their house with spooky decorations. Some set up huge spiders and spider webs, while others like to create a haunted house theme with special sound and light effects to make things extra scary. But one thing that can really add all the horror to your Halloween house décor is the Halloween tombstone.

Funny tombstone decorations are a great way to add some humor to your frightening setup. You can keep focusing on the big Halloween props but sometimes it’s the little things like, funny tombstone sayings that can steal the entire show.

These tombstones can be set outside the front gate or at the porch for all the trick-o-treaters to come and have a good laugh. The little kids and teenagers too would surely love to take pictures with your funny sayings for Halloween headstones and tell their friends about the awesome house with a hilarious tombstone they visited this Halloween.

So if you want your house to be voted as the best scary house for this year’s Halloween, scroll down to check out some of the most hilarious tombstone sayings for your tombstone décor. Let the haunting begin!

DIY Halloween Tombstones Sayings

It’s always fun to customize and design things according to our preference. It adds a personal touch to the item and gives it more value. DIY Halloween tombstone can be made special if you work on it yourself.

You can call over your family or friends to help you out and all of you can share your funny sayings on the tombstones. Here are some ideas for what your DIY Halloween tombstones can say.

No-Escape tombstone carving

halloween funny headstone signs

image credit

Crisp Bacon tombstone saying

funny tombstone sayings for halloween

image credit

Be Afraid tombstone saying

funny tombstone design for halloween

image credit

I’ll Be Back tombstone

funny halloween headstone ideas

image credit

I’m a Ghost tombstone saying

tombstone sayings for halloween

image credit

Still Alive tombstone

halloween tombstone sign ideas

image credit

Buried Alive tombstone saying

ideas about halloween tombstone sign

image credit

Road crossing chicken joke on a tombstone

kid friendly tombstone sayings

image credit

For Rent tombstone

gravestone ideas for halloween

image credit

Forward text joke tombstone saying

halloween funny tombstone sayings

image credit

Funny Creepy Tombstone Sayings

For giving the real feeling of scare in the spirits of Halloween, put up these tombstones with funny creepy sayings like these:

Eternal sleep tombstone

creepy funny tombstone ideas for halloween

image credit

Game of thrones Ned tombstone

funny creepy tombstone design ideas for halloween

image credit

Pay debt to nature tombstone

scary funny tombstones for halloween

image credit

Haunted soul tombstone

tombstone sayings for halloween

image credit

Stop Stranger tombstone

scary tombstones sayings

image credit

Funny tombstone saying for atheist

funny tombstones ideas

image credit

Funny sayings for Halloween headstones

And now, some funny tombstone sayings for the ones with not one but many funny bones in their body.

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Don’t forget to check other funny images for Halloween:

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