20+ Goat Tattoo Designs With Meaning

Animal tattoos are always a primary choice for many people but among these animal tattoos there comes a popular goat tattoo which we will talk about in this read.

A goat or ram is more than just an animal when it comes to the world of inking. The history of goal and the meaning of its symbol goes a long way back. Many different cultures and traditions hold great value for goats and thus link it to various ideologies and concepts.

If we look upon the olden age, we will see that goats have always been in service to the people. They’ve been used for transportation, food consumption and ever used as a sacrificial animal in some.

Since goats are considered to be such integral part of the human history, it has given birth to many legends associated with goat tattoos. To know more about goat tattoo meaning keep on reading below.

Meaning of a Goat Tattoo:

Goats are considered to be curious animals by nature but they are also very adventurous. It may not be as important to people living in the cities, but whoever was grown up in a farm or small town areas among goats, knows the significant of a goat.

A person who has a goat or a ram tattoo on their body connects to the symbols and inspiration behind the tattoo itself. Many like to signify the mighty goat by getting a prominent goat tattoo on bald head.

People born to the star sign of Aries also get a goat tattoo (since goat is a symbol of Aries) to highlight their personality. The tattoo implies certain traits that the person values and they are as follows:

  • Adventurous
  • Curious
  • Intelligent
  • Lust
  • Fertility
  • Good Luck and Blessings
  • Ambitious
  • Good Provision
  • Cheerful and Playful Nature
  • Wealth
  • Polarity

Furthermore in some theories a goat tattoo can also be linked to the worshipers of pagan gods. But mostly a real goat tattoo meaning is much pleasant than the contrary believe and that is why we have gathered 25 fantastic goat tattoos for goat lovers. So take a look and get your goat tattooed.

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