14 Stylish Hair Color Ideas For Halloween Season 2024

Halloween is the perfect occasion to try out the most creative and fun looking hair color ideas out there. You may have been wanting to check out a new hair color for a long time but let’s face it, when it comes to hair, trying out anything new can be risky because you never know how it will turn out to be.

But because its Halloween and people get the chance to dress up in the most bizarre or stunning getup, the funky Halloween hair color ideas will blend right in.

Below you will find the best hair color ideas from the top hair stylists and experts that you can give a go this Halloween season 2024.

1. Orange Is The New Hair

light shade orange hair color style for fall

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image credit

Take your love for pumpkins on another level and dye your hair orange. This Halloween hair look great on both long and short hair.

2. Color Fest

multicolor Halloween hair

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Why stick to one hair color when you can have multiple colors in there and make yourself look awesome for Halloween.

3. Watermelon Sugar High

watermelon highlight color hair for autumn

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If dressing up as a song was described as a hair color, this combination of bubblegum pink and lime green reminds us one song only, ‘Watermelon Sugar’ by Harry Styles.

4. Cruella De’vil’s Hair

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Emma Stone in Cruella was a hair inspiration to many and has become the hottest hair trend of the year. We can’t wait to see all the different versions of her character this coming Halloween.

5. Peek A Boo It’s A Rainbow

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Feel like dressing up as a rainbow for Halloween? Don’t worry we got you boo, just get your hair the perfect rainbow peek-a-boo dye and you’ll be the instantly wonderful rainbow in human form.

6. Spooky Neon

neon green hair color ideas for Halloween

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Scaring people with an amazing hair and makeup for Halloween makes the time of the year extra special. Green neon hair is a good option for that.

7. Front Blonde Bangs

witch blonde hair color idea for Halloween

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White chunky blonde hair is a very popular hair color choice ever since Billie Eilish had her hair dyed. But you can try different colors for yourself on Halloween. 

8. The Jessica Rabbit Hair

hot reddish hair color idea for Halloween

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Hair color that is all red and hot for the Jessica Rabbit Halloween costume is just one unforgettable experience.

9. Harley Quinn Hair

image credit 1 2

And how can we ever forget to include the famous and fun-filled blue and pink dipped blond hair when making a list of Halloween hair color ideas.

10. Black & Pink Ombre

pink ombre hair color idea for October

image credit

This gorgeous pink and black ombre hair color is a must try Halloween style.

11. Cotton Candy Hair

cotton candy hair

image credit

Don’t just eat cotton candy, let your hair look fabulous with the cotton candy hair color for Halloween.

12. Blue And Green Hair

shades of blue hair color idea for October

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Another one of the greatest Halloween hair color ideas and dying your hair different shades of beautiful blue.

13. Purple Mystical Hair

galaxy hair color idea for Halloween

image credit

This purple and violet infused hair with the cute moon hair clip is giving off the perfect Halloween hair vibe.

14. Unicorn Hair

image credit

Take your love for unicorn one step up with this beautiful pastel unicorn Halloween hair color.


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