Halo 4 Soundtrack with Special Remix Album October 22

Game lovers of Halo will get the new soundtrack and a special remix album in October as announced by Microsoft with 343 Industries and 7Hz Productions for Halo 4, will be available online and in stores on October 22. The producer of the band Massive Attack “Neil Davidge” wrote the soundtrack of the popular sci-fi shooter Halo.


The Album contains 15 tracks over 75 minutes of great music as the series replaces the composer for the first time in entire ten-year history of the game as the first Halo part released. The set of 2 discs of Halo 4 will be a special edition limited numbered, Neil Davidge with orchestra of 50 instruments and most celebrated artists of electronic music will try to attract people for this new part.

I’ve always been a fan of Halo and when I heard the epics of Neil for Halo 4 I was really impressed,” said DJ Skee. “When I had the opportunity to remix and add my own style, I wanted to create something epic, but at the same time, linked to the original composition and Halo 4.

Neil Davidge and 343 Industries has put together a group that includes 16 male tenors plus 10 female singers of the London Bulgarian Choir, an orchestra of 50 instruments to produce a blockbuster.


Fans who purchased physical copy of the soundtrack will receive a voucher for a free download 3 exclusive remixes and tree additional tracks not included in the album but for Neil Devidge in the game and will be available only for purchasing the CD. Halo 4 will be available exclusively for X-box 360 in the late 2012.

Soundtrack sample Video

Listen to mp3 version for original soundtrack sample and remix at IGN

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