30 Cool Stylish Holographic Nail Designs

The latest nail polish trend, Holographic nails have taken the internet by storm. From celebrities to beauty bloggers, everyone is simply obsessing over the color-shifting iridescent nails. In holographic nails the colors are buried underneath, which can be seen in 3D, reflected in different lighting.

Glitter and metallic nail designs never go out of fashion, but holo nails have taken it to another level and guess what? They are way easier to remove unlike glitter nail polishes. You can get holo nails done at a beauty salon or you can simply buy stunning nail colors to recreate the similar effect.

If you are looking to spice up your next manicure, take a look at our 30 coolest Holographic nail designs!

1. Glitter nails

These nail polishes are small specks of holographic items dispersed in a colored or clear nail polish base. The multicolored sequins or glitter these polishes create are uneven and large.

Glitter nails

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2. Linear nail design

This polish is extremely lined up and composed. Due to holographic materials and the powerful prism you can clearly see various colors like in a rainbow.

Linear nail design

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3. Scattered nail art

It is a smaller version of holographic glitter nail polish. They do not have large and unique shapes. The holo materials are all over the nail. However, there is no clear prism seen.

Scattered nail art

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4. Studded nails

Beaded nail designs take holographic nails to another level. The sparkling and matte studs look impeccably classy.

Studded nails

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stud nail art

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5. Lavender nails

To achieve this nail trend, you need to choose purple or lavender as your base color.

Lavender nails

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6. Classic Silver nails design

The silver holographic nails are silver-based with hints of other colors for an extreme sparkle.

Classic Silver nails design

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7. Symmetrical nail art

These nail designs are inspired by tribal nail art and are extremely chic to wear.

Symmetrical nail art

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8. Pink nails

Who doesn’t love pink? Pink is every girl’s favorite color. Therefore, pink holo nails are really popular.

pink nail designs

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pink nil art

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9. Coral base nails

You can choose coral to be your base color and get the amazing peach-ish orange perfection.

Coral base Holographic nails

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10. Neon nail designs

The fusion of neon is always fun. Crank it up a notch with combing neon and holo nails.

Neon nail designs

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11. Streaks on Holographic nails

Adding lines and streaks to your holo nails will give it a more contemporary look.

Streaks on Holographic nails

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12. Ombré Nude nails

In ombré, a gradient isproduced. Holographic color is on the top of the nail gradually blending into a nude color.

Ombré Nude nails

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13. Single Holo Nail Art

Having just one holographic nail and the rest being of a contrasting or matching color will make you stand out amongst your friends!

Single Holo Nail Art

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14. Matte nail art

Who said you cannot wear matte and holographic nails together? Mixing and matching of two different mediums will give you a creative look!

Holographic Matte nail art

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15. Electric Blue nail design

Blue is the color of loyalty and confidence. What’s better than wearing blue electric holo nails with confidence?

Electric Blue nail design

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16. Mermaid nails

Why not try a nail design that represents mermaids who is everyone’s favorite mystic creature?

Mermaid nails

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17. Unicorn nails

Be brave and try the magical holo unicorn nail art! Unicorn nails work with beautiful pastel colors.

Unicorn nails

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unicorn nail art

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18. Galaxy nails design

Take your galaxy obsession to another level with galaxy holo nails. Pair it with black nail polish to balance your manicure.

Galaxy nails design

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19. Patterned Holographic nails

Show off your holographic manicure by opting for patterns, studs and matte nail colors to make the details stand out.

Patterned Holographic nails

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20. Gothic nails art

Channel with your inner Goth and go for a classy black holo nail color!

Gothic nails art

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21. Stiletto nails

Heat up your look with stylish, long, sculpted and pointy stiletto holo nails. You can also look like Rihanna and Gaga!

Stiletto nails

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22. Green nail designs

This holographic nail design is just for you if you are a nature enthusiast. Go green with green holo nails!

Green nail designs

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23. Fiery nails

Just like red lips, red nails are also the epitome of sexiness and elegance.

Fiery nails

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24. Single pattern nails

Be creative and trendy with your holo nails and throw in one pattern nail.

Single pattern nails

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25. Icy nail art

Feel like the Ice Queen with these white holo nails!

Icy nail art

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26. Plum Holographic nails

Plum is the perfect autumn color. Rock your autumn look with these plum holo nails!

Plum Holographic nails

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27. Pastel nails

Pastel Holo nails go with anything. While they are elegant, they certainly are a statement.

Pastel nails

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28. Gold nails design

Go big or go home with bold golden holographic nails.

Gold nails design

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29. Mint Nail Art

These cool mint holo nails will give you a fresh look.

Mint Nail Art

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30. Reverse Ombre nails

It is exactly like ombre, only reversed! The color blends into a holographic color. Holo is at the bottom.

Reverse Ombre nails

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