How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Theme

Where am I going to find my perfect dress, where can we buy our wedding bands, and what food are we going to serve our guests?! Worry not – all these questions will be easily answered once you’ve addressed the most important one of all: what’s your wedding theme? (But while we’re on the subject, why not check out for those wedding bands?).

Wedding themes might sound like the kind of thing you’d scoff at, but they can actually be very useful. Not only do they help you tie the day together, they’ll also help guide your choices. But you don’t need to stick to a particular colour or style. Instead, an evocative ‘mood’ or phrase might really help you to plan the wedding day of your dreams. So, how do you choose the perfect wedding theme? Read on…

What’s your style?

Before you dive head first into a mountain of wedding blogs and magazines, find somewhere quiet and leave your phones out of sight: you and your spouse need to have an old fashioned chat! Ask one another: is there anything you can picture for sure right now? What makes you feel comfortable and relaxed? Take a notepad and jot down any ideas you have.

What do you really not like?

Often, we find it easier to narrow down our dislikes rather than our likes. So, be vocal and explain what you really don’t like, or would feel uncomfortable about including. If you can spot any recurring examples – like an aversion to big ball gowns or a DJ booth, you’ll be most of the way towards narrowing it down to the theme that will make you happy.

What’s your day to day life like?

Why not take inspiration from your day to day lives? What’s your clothing like? How have you decorated your home? What kind of thing do you tend to add to your (non-wedding related) Pinterest boards? This will help you to see if you’re glitz and glam, or more country-chic. Are you into retro and vintage, boho and 70s or something a little more rustic? Now’s a good time to jump online together and check out some examples – notice what you keep gravitating towards and learn to spot what you keep ignoring altogether.

What are you like as a couple?

Sounds corny, but give it a go: what words define you as a couple? Does ‘outdoor adventurers’, ‘campers’ and ‘explorers’ sum the two of you up? Or would your friends and family use words like ‘traditional’, ‘city breakers’ and ‘glamorous’? Think about where you’ve holidayed together, and see which cultural influences you liked best of all.

Finally, consider your personalities: are you fun-loving extroverts or are you most likely to be found snuggled up on the sofa together? Giving proper thought to identify what makes you both feel happy and comfortable will mean you arrive at a theme that’s right for you – not gimmicky or alien! But, if all else fails, take a wedding style quiz and see if it prompts any ideas.

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