How to Extend The Life of Your Hair Extensions

If you’re someone who likes to switch up your look, give yourself a drastic change in hairstyle, or simply add on to what you have, then you should know how hair extensions can be a life-changer.

Benefits of Hair Extensions

Hair extensions come in many colors, lengths, and textures. Straight clip in hair extensions can add length or volume to your hair but can be removed at the end of the day. Wigs are even easier, as you can just put it on, adjust, and go! It’s so simple and easy to get beautiful hair and a new look without damaging or cutting your hair. You do not have to worry about dealing with the added work that goes into styling your hair daily.

What Type of Extensions Are For You?

Do you want to take your hair out at the end of every day? Wigs are handy for those who want to change their hair daily or those who are looking to not have to bother their natural hair. Want to add some quick length or volume to your real hair? Clip-Ins are for you, as they can be removed at the end of the day also. What about something more permanent that you won’t have to worry about changing for a while? Try a sew-in, which can be done with or without your natural hair being left out. If you do not want to cover the extensions with your real hair, you can get a frontal. A frontal is a hairline made with individual hairs and lace material that can be made to look like a real scalp.

The Difference Between Human and Synthetic Hair

Synthetic hair is cheaper in price but does not last as long as virgin or human hair. Virgin hair is human hair that has never been processed. Human hair is hair that may have been bleached, dyed, or permed to be a certain texture. Both human and virgin hair can be dyed or styled with flat irons or curling rods. However, synthetic hair can not be dyed, bleached, and will melt under the high heat of a flat iron.

Caring for Hair Extensions

Human hair extensions are easy to care for, but many people overlook the care of their extensions. For many, it is easier to just replace these extensions when they no longer appear to be healthy. However people forget that this is the same type of hair that grows from your scalp, and it can be made to last just as long as your real hair. Shampoo, condition, and treat your extensions. Just like your real hair, human hair extensions can get dry and damaged from neglect. If your hair extensions are frizzy, stiff, and dull, buy a protein treatment and a deep conditioner from your local hair store. Clean the hair from any built-up products and condition it, then treat it with the mentioned products. Use a heat protectant when using styling tools. Even straight hair is capable of being heat damaged, but this can be prevented by lightweight protectants that do not weigh your hair down. Store them in braids when not in use so that the hair doesn’t tangle up. Detangling human hair can cause the hair to break off from combing if not done correctly, which makes the ends of the hair begin to thin.

Wearing Hair Extensions

In order for your hair to lie flat under wigs, you should cornrow your hair and pin the braids up using bobby pins. For clip-in extensions, you can braid the back of your hair and use the front as leave-out, or you can straighten your hair and clip the extensions throughout your hair part by part. Bundles without clips can be sewn in by a professional or used by themselves in hairstyles like ponytails. Frontals can be glued down for longevity or held tight by an elastic band so it can be removed daily.

Simple as it may sound, many people overlook these steps. While it’s easier to come home and put your extensions on the dresser until the next day, just a few extra minutes will help make your extensions last longer.

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