How To Find Cheap Concert Tickets

If you are a music lover, you probably love to soak in the atmosphere at a live concert, right?  You probably also know that concert tickets are expensive.  Fortunately, there are ways to find cheap tickets, whether you are looking for cheap Adele tickets or affordable tickets to see that Beatles cover band in Vegas.  Knowing where to find cheap concert tickets online isn’t always easy.  There are lots of less-than-legit sources for tickets that are perhaps not strictly legal.  However, there are plenty of legal ways to find affordable concert tickets online.  Here are some of the ways you can find these affordable tickets that will land you in the thick of the music.

Timing is everything

As with most things in life, scoring affordable tickets is often about knowing how to work the schedule to find tickets that are more affordable.  Almost always, weekend tickets will be more expensive than, for example, a Thursday evening.  Similarly, matinee shows will be less expensive than evening shows.  If you want to save a few dollars right off the bat, choose one of the dates and/or times that is less expensive than the others.

Another way that timing comes into play is that there are often sales and special offers for early buyers.  Tickets will often go on sale way in advance of the actual event, and to encourage people to buy tickets early, promotions companies will often offer discounts for advance sales.  That can be another way to save a few dollars.  Don’t wait until the last minute to get your tickets, because you won’t likely score a deal and you will probably have to settle for substandard seats.

Know where to buy

Sure, you can buy concert tickets directly from the box office or venue website, but that’s almost a sure way to pay more.  Instead, check out fan sites, official band websites, radio station websites (they often offer tickets at a discount or even as giveaways), etc.  You may have to sign up to be a member of a fan club or a subscriber to a radio station’s newsletter in order to get these deals, but that’s only a matter of seconds of work to get a good discount.

You may also be able to score cheaper tickets from your credit card company.  Sometimes these companies will offer a discount on event tickets if you purchase them with your credit card.

Finally, another great option for finding cheap concert tickets is by buying them through local ticket brokers.  This is a perfectly legal way to get a more affordable price on the tickets you want.  Ticket brokers can offer a lower price because they buy tickets in bulk, which means they paid less for them and they can pass those savings on to you.

If you love going to concerts, but don’t love the heft price tags that can come along with getting tickets to see your favorite bands, try one of these tips to save a few bucks without having to watch the concert on TV.

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