How to Improve Student Motivation

It is difficult to excite students with the best books, lessons, and materials. If they are not motivated, nothing can make students really want to learn. Motivation is the key in all educational stages.


Teachers are supposed to encourage students of all ages. Obviously, it is much easier said than done. Every student is motivated differently and that is why it takes time to learn how to get a whole classroom enthusiastic about learning and working hard. A good teacher knows how to push students to excel.

In this article, you will find a lot of methods to motivate students to live up to their true potential. Make sure that students know how to meet deadlines and set the priorities.

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Useful Ideas How To Improve Student Motivation

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Sense of control

Teachers guide students to keep them motivated but they should give students a sense of control in the classroom. Your students will feel more independent and engaged. You can allow students to choose a topic to work on or the next assignment. Giving students self-control will lead to a more productive educational process.

Clear objectives

Students get frustrated to complete assignments when the goals are not defined in advance. Let your students know what you expect from them. When they know what to do, the work goes faster and is more productive. We encourage you to lay out clear objectives and expectations at the beginning of the year. Help each student set clear goals and work on them together.

Make a threat-free educational environment

Make sure that your students have a clear understanding that there are inevitable consequences to every action they make. Motivate students instead of threatening them. Teachers have to create a safe and supportive educational environment for students, which will develop a student’s abilities. Students will fulfill their expectations when they feel your support.

Change educational scenery

Make your classroom comfortable for learning. Do not force students to sit at a desk all day long. Take your students outside, stay active, and always renew interest in the subject. It is recommended to take field trips, bring in speakers, or go to the library for exciting research. Most students want a new setting to stay motivated to learn.

Experiment new things

It is annoying to have the same classes all the time. Some students love to read books, while others love working in groups. You should mix up lessons to keep all students with different preferences focused on the major. By doing this, a teacher can find the right approach to any student and forward attention in the right direction.

Positive competition

Competition for students is not a bad thing. Healthy competition can motivate students, push them to work harder and with enthusiasm. Make sure that the spirit of competition between your students is friendly and fun. You can achieve such results through exciting group games, which are related to the material. They will open new horizons to students and boost their self-confidence.

Give rewards

You will surely agree that we all love to get rewards for our work. We encourage teachers to offer students some rewards for their effort. It is an excellent source of motivation and joy. There are many different rewards, such as pizza parties, watching movies, or even some little gifts. These things will make students work harder. Take into consideration the personality of every student you work with and determine the appropriate reward.

Teach students responsibilities

If you want to build community spirit, teachers should assign students typical jobs. You will be surprised, but most students take such regular classroom jobs as a privilege and very rarely as a burden. Teachers should ensure students that they meet expectations. Let students participate in leading activities. Each student must feel that he or she is important and valued.

Encourage teamwork

If your students love working in groups, teachers should do experiments, and work on different projects. Social interaction is essential for young people. Make sure that your group is balanced and everyone is engaged.


There is no secret in motivating students. Encouragement is the key. Both children and adults crave recognition and praise. Teachers can try rewarding the success of students and sharing exemplary work.

Make every child feel self-confident. Do not think that some students are indifferent. They all want to succeed, and they need the help of teachers to figure out what to do.

Motivate young people to look at themselves and determine their own strengths and weaknesses. Such self assessment makes students feel in charge of creating their objectives and setting goals.

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