How to Plan the Perfect Road Trip

Are you planning a road trip? If so, there’s some vital information you need to know before you set off! The first (and most important) stage in planning a road trip is to pick your destination. Your destination is the first thing you ought to consider, as it’s this that determines the kind of vehicle you need, your budget, and the duration of your adventure!

So, if you fancy seeing the best of Italian architecture, cuisine and scenery, why not choose to drive the Amalfi coast? Or, if quaint French villages are more your kind of thing, how about exploring the back roads of Provence? If North America is more your cup of tea, the iconic Route 66 is well worth consideration, and so is California’s Pacific Coast highway. Closer to home, you might enjoy a road trip around Cornwall, soaking in the the salty sea air and charming cottages between Penzance and Land’s End.

Next up when it comes to planning the perfect road trip is choosing the vehicle you’re going to do it in. Perhaps you’re most comfortable driving an unknown road in a car that’s already familiar to you, such as the one you currently own? If that’s the case, take it to the garage beforehand to make sure your car is in good working condition. You’ll need to make sure you’re up to date on your insurance and tax too, and ought to consider getting roadside assistance cover.

On the other hand, if you’re hiring a vehicle such as a Mitsubishi Outlander (perfect for doing a little off-roading and great at coping with varying terrains), go an extra step and kit it out with some Mitsubishi Outlander accessories. For example, a luggage carrier or bike carrier is a great idea as it will free up room in your car whilst enabling you to bring your must-haves on the trip with you!

The next thing you should do is set a budget. You’ll need to have decided on the duration of your trip, and the number of miles you’re going to cover. This will allow you to set a daily budget for essentials such as fuel, food and accommodation. If you’re travelling with friends, you can share these bills between you.

Also, don’t underestimate your entertainment needs. You might have no problem listening to the radio to and from work, but can you really swap between channels and withstand all those adverts for your entire road trip? If not, sort yourself out with some good podcasts and audio books. Make a great music playlist too: it will bring back good memories of the trip when you’ve returned from your adventure!

Most importantly of all, make sure that you account for a back up stash of cash when you’re planning your perfect road trip. You’ll need it if your car unexpectedly needs maintenance, or your plan doesn’t unfold as perfectly as you’re expecting. It will also help you in a sticky spot, paying for safe accommodation if you find yourself in dangerous circumstances or decent food if you’re very hungry.

Finally, try to only plan as far ahead as it necessary. So long as you take sensible precautions and have an emergency cash reserve, let spontaneity rule the excursion: this will allow for an open mind, endless possibility and genuine adventure, which is precisely what a road trip is all about!

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