How to Practice for the Entertainment Career You Crave

Some people are born entertainers, but others have to work at it. There are more people who want to be professional entertainers than there are people who have the actual skill and experience to do just that. You’ll need singing lessons and tips if you want to be a professional vocalist. You’ll need acting lessons and stage/screen experience if A want to be an actor. By giving yourself the most possible opportunities to work and learn, you’ll improve by leaps and bounds. But what is the best way to do this? Here are some options.

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The Academic Route

There are those who learn best in a classroom setting. Acting, singing, speaking, and other entertainment disciplines are taught in schools all around the world. They are also taught at a variety of levels. For example, you might be able to study acting at a world-famous institute that has taught household names, or you could study for almost free at your local community college. The most important variable is yourself. You’ve got to make the most of each educational opportunity and – most importantly – make learning your number one priority, even when you’re not in the classroom. Private teachers can help a lot in this way.

The Performance Route

Sometimes the experience you get through performing is the most valuable experience of all. There’s something about standing on a stage in front of people that brings out the best in some people. Some people just find that their brain fires on all cylinders in this unique situation, making it more valuable than practice in a classroom or at home. If this is you, take all of the performance opportunities you can.

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The Woodshed Route

Woodshedding” is an old-fashioned term that refers to the hard work and practice that someone puts in in private. It comes from when performers like Charlie Parker practiced for endless hours in the woodshed, where no one could hear them and no one could bother them. Some people find themselves able to make incredible progress this way, and come into the performance or professional world almost fully formed.

The Social Route

It’s hard to make a professional career without social and professional connections. This might sound like a recommendation to go schmooze (and there’s nothing wrong with that), but in reality, it’s an admonition to get to know people who do what you do or, better yet, what you want to do. Friends will give you opportunities, tell you important secrets, and otherwise help you climb the ladder of success.

music and entertainment

There’s no single path to professional stardom. Even if you just want to be a performer, and not necessarily a household name, you still have to work just as hard to hit your goal. Performers and entertainers are, most often, self-made professionals. They have to improvise their way through the professional world, one without bosses, 401(k)s, and regular paychecks. If you can navigate these waters for long enough, you’ll probably get somewhere good in time. No two success stories are alike. Discover yours!

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