How To Spoil Our Mum This Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is the time of the year when we should all pause and reflect on what our mums have done for us and say thank you. For maximum effect you don’t want to just say it, you need to show her that you mean it and that doesn’t just mean a basic gift.

Go the extra mile, spoil your mum rotten and leave her in no doubt of the high regard you hold her in. Here’s how:

Put some thought into it

Plan ahead to do something extra special. Whether it’s booking tickets, restaurant tables or ordering a gift, don’t leave it until the last minute. The old saying ‘it’s the thought that counts’ is true – US academics have even shown that large presents don’t trump smaller ones –but it shouldn’t be seen as an apologetic term. If your mum sees you’ve put a lot of effort in, she’ll feel good and that’s half the battle to helping her feel spoiled.


Relaxation is key. Book your mum into a spa or – if you can’t afford that – treat her around the house. There should be a strict ‘no chores’ policy. Enforce it with rigour and don’t let her raise a finger.


Food and drink are a key part of helping your mum to feel spoiled on Mother’s Day. Book a table at her restaurant of choice or rustle up a feast of her favorite fodder. A nice bottle of wine should wash it all down nicely. Be patriotic and purchase a bottle of Peter Lehmann 2007 Eden Valley Riesling, perfect for an Aussie mum.


You’ll need to brandish a thoughtful gift on Mother’s Day for maximum effect. Flowers and chocolates are a good fall back option but try to be more creative if you can. Think of the things that are personal to your mum – the books she reads and music she loves – to give her the best treat that’ll make her feel properly spoiled.


The element of surprise can be pretty effective. Arrange for your brothers and sisters to come together for a special meal or day out, for example. Play it down beforehand to get maximum value from your surprise.


It doesn’t have to be a big surprise get together to be a special day. You could whisk your mum off shopping, to the theater or for a picnic. Think of something she’d enjoy but would not otherwise be able to get to do. Making it a ‘day out’ will make it even more memorable and will give your mum lasting memories of being nice and spoiled.


Personalized gifts are a great way of showing that you care and leaving your mum with a keepsake, such as a photo or canvas to hang on the wall, will last for years to come. Click here for some ideas of how to source these gifts.

A bit of effort, nice food and drink, a thoughtful – and preferably personal – gift and a memorable occasion will all add up to making your mum feel well and truly spoiled. Start planning now!

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