Top 30 Jack and Sally Tattoo Designs Ideas

Have you heard the love story of Jack and Sally? It may look creepy but actually one of the epic story lines that tells about Jack Skellington and Doll Sally. Both of the amazing characters are from the movie NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS and have won hearts of many. The characters and figures in the movie are a real inspiration for many adults as well as kids. It gets popular during Halloween and Christmas because of the strong characters and wintry figures.

Being a regular internet user, you might have observed that Jack and Sally become the famous characters on Instagram and Pinterest during the winter season. If you are unaware of the movie storyline, then let us help you.

Jack is the hero of the story that lives in a Halloween Town and gets bored by the routine frightful celebration every year. He accidentally opens the portal of Christmas Town and gets amazed with various celebration styles. Jack actually wants to take control on Christmas celebration and tells his Christmas experience to Sally. Jack and Sally prove to be one of the perfect couples and gives intense couple goals to all people in love. However, his fantasy world was filled with wonderful and creepy characters. The storyline is filled with magic and adventure thrills accompanied with belt buckles, coffin figures, and Jack and Sally.

Jack is the dreamer and an impulsive character in the movie while Sally is sensible. To make your relationship interesting, it is important to have both qualities. It is true that cool couples always have unlike things in common.

So, if you are obsessed with these characters then why not thinking to get a couple, pair or individual tattoo of Jack and Sally. We have presented a timeless collection of Jack and Sally tattoo ideas. Now let’s celebrate the charming holiday this winter with the devilishly and delightful Jack and Sally Tattoo design ideas. Browse through the Jack and Sally tattoos and ink your body parts flawlessly with the dashing qualities which you can achieve easily. The amazing sensation surely lures and bring your body art to life.

Are you ready to render yourself magically in tattoo form?

1. Black and Grey Leg Jack-Sally Tattoo

jack and sally couples leg tattoo

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2. It’s YOU and ME forever

jack and sally couples thigh frame tattoos

Photo Credit

3. Locket frame Jack and Sally

jack and sally locket tattoo

Photo Credit

4. Jack and Sally Love

jack and sally couple tattoos

Photo Credit

5. Super cute little Jack and Sally

jack and sally kids cartoon tattoo

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6. We are meant to be together

jack and sally meant to be tattoo

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7. Colorful enchanted Tattoo design

jack and sally painting tattoo

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8. Shaded Jack and Sally Drawing

jack skellington and sally art tattoo

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9. 3D colorful Tattoo Pattern

jack skellington and sally love tattoo

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10. Artistic Arm Tattoo design

jack and sally love silhouette tattoo

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11. Lets Talk Jack and Sally

black ink jack and sally paint tattoo

Photo Credit

12. In deep true love

jack and sally love tattoo

Photo Credit

13. Let me Sleep in your arms Jack

jack skellington tattoo sleeve

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14. Illustrative Thigh Tattoo

illustrative nightmare before christmas Jack and Sally love tattoo

Photo Credit

15. Heart to heart connection

jack and sally heart tattoo sketch

Photo Credit

16. We Heart It

Jack and sally love heart frame sleeve tattoo

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17. Best Halloween Tattoo

jack skellington sally heart tattoo

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18. Jack And sally Cute couples

small Jack And sally couple hand tattoo design

Photo Credit

19. I will always love you

jack and sally heart tattoos

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20. Cute Couple Jack and Sally

small jack and sally tattoos

Photo Credit

21. Simple Nightmare before Christmas Tattoo


Photo Credit

22. Best colored Tattoo design of Jack and Sally

Best colored Tattoo design of Jack and Sally love couples

Photo Credit

23. Always Together

jack and sally portrait tattoo

Photo Credit

24. Look me in My Eyes

jack and sally nightmare before christmas tattoos

Photo Credit

25. Dancing Jack and Sally

jack skellington and sally couple tattoos

Photo Credit

26. I will follow you in dark

jack and sally tattoos art

Photo Credit

27. You are mine

jack and sally love tattoos

Photo Credit

28. Stay with me

spider web jack and sally tattoos

Photo Credit

29. Colorful Jack and Sally

nightmare before christmas jack and sally full sleeve tattoo

Photo Credit

30. I am Yours Jack

jack and sally tattoo couple

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The impactful love story proves to be a perfect fit for all. It is indeed a romantic masterpiece. Don’t you think that Jack and Sally are simply meant to be together? Leave your opinions below in comment section.

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