17 Jack O Lantern Tattoos – Pumpkin Design Ideas for Halloween Fun

Halloween is just around the corner it is the time of the year where you go trick o treating dressed up as different spooky characters, Jack o Lanterns are a major part of Halloween these are pumpkins which are carved to make a human face, some people light them up by putting a candle inside to give a spooky effect.

Since Jack o Lantern is a major part of Halloween it is commonly found as a very popular category in tattoos, Many people get Jack o Lantern tattoos done with different designs here are 17 such designs:

1. Evil Jack O Lantern face tattoo

evil jack o lantern face tattoo design for Halloween

A spooky tattoo with the tag line Halloween Forever looks perfect for a night out for trick or treating!

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2. Ghost holding the Jack O Lantern

pumpkin ghost Halloween tattoo ideas

A ghost holding a happy Jack o Lantern looks cute and funny at the same time! if you are looking for a less evil look get this one done!

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3. Jack O Lantern Lollipops

Halloween Jack O Lantern Lollipops tattoo design

Jack o Lanterns in lollipops, When you go treating better show them this tattoo to get all the candy you want!

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4. Poisonous Jack O Lantern

Halloween pumpkin tattoos

A Jack o Lantern with poisonous gas coming out of it. Spooky!

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5. Jack O Lantern in a heart

cute Halloween tattoo design ideas

A happy Jack o Lantern inside a Heart, Looks cute and the white ghost along with it is super cute.

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6. Smiling Jack O Lantern

cute Halloween pumpkin tattoos

A happy looking Jack o Lantern with glitter designs looks great with flowers and stars!

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7. Jack O Lantern with bats

jackolantern tattoo design

A happy smiling Jack O Lantern face with bats around him!

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8. Witch Jack O Lantern

Jack O Lantern Tattoo

A Jack O Lantern wearing a witch hat. Perfect for a Halloween Party!

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9. Scary Face Jack O Lantern


If you planning to spook everyone out here is a very freaky looking Jack O Lantern. BOOOO!

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10. Evil Spook Face Jack O Lantern


A very scary looking Jack o Lantern good for dressing up as an evil character and freak people out.

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11. Crying Jack O Lantern


Now that’s a different design, A Jack o Lantern that is scared! and also a Dracula with it!

Image credit

12. Eat you up Jack O Lantern


Another freaky evil design where the Jack o Lantern looks like he is going to eat anyone up that comes near him!

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13. Candle Jack O Lantern Face


A burning candle on top of a freaky Jack o Lantern.

Image credit

14. RIP Jack O Lantern


A black Jack o Lantern in a grave yard! will spook people out for sure.

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15. Bat Head Jack O Lantern

Halloween themed tattoo designs

A creatively designed Jack O Lantern tattoo, Looks super cool with a bat sitting on a Jack O Lantern. Eye catching and colorful.

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16. Cat in a Jack O Lantern

tiny black cat in pumpkin tattoo

A cute black cat sitting inside a Jack o Lantern.

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17. A Mickey faced Jack O Lantern

mickey pumpkin face Halloween tattoo

Enough with the spooky and smily faces, heres a different face for a Jack O Lantern, A mickey face! looks funny and cute.

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Also check other cool tattoo designs for this Halloween:

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