Feisty Fancy Junie B Jones Halloween Costume Ideas For 2023

Everyone loves to be unique but on specific and special events, it is wise to be creative as well. Scary characters from different animated movies have gone outdated but we are never out of ideas. For the exclusive concepts, you have stumbled upon the right website because we will present amazing Junie B Jones costume ideas for Halloween.

Now if you are wondering who is Junie B Jones? Let us introduce you with a 6-year-old girl who is lively, funny and outspoken. The honest girl often gets into trouble because of not telling a lie and due to which she is everyone’s favorite character. She has to overcome issues and face troubles at home as well as at school. The character is famous from series Barbara Park`s which is titled as the NewYork Times best-selling series. Her complete name is June Beatrice Jones and was born on 1st June. The cute little character lives with her parents Bob and Susan and brother Ollie. They also own a pet name Tickle.

So, this Halloween 2023 if you are looking for Junie B. Jones costume, it is the right time to boost up your creativity because you won’t find any official costume. You have to gather and make a whole new costume yourself. Thus, we will load you with dressing ideas. Several options and variations can be added in dressing according to your ease. Just put together Junie B. Jones outfit and be as fun as her.

Stupid Smelly Bus

junie b jones stupid smelly bus costume

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Do you want to achieve Stupid Smelly Bus Costume for this Halloween? Then this is easy because the costume comprises of a pink sweater, purple skirt and large hair bow along with socks and shoes.

junie b jones fancy skirt costume idea

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You can add variations in the costume by using a fancy skirt or a plain skirt. However, the cardigan needs to be full sleeves.

Captain Field Day

junie-b-jones captain field day costume

junie b jones is captain field day

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junie b jones captain field costume girl

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This Junie B. Jones costume is not simple but yet not impossible to get. Junie looks is incomplete without a bow and she is wearing a pink bow with a red band and yellow star on forehead. She is wearing a red cape with a white romper and yellow tights. Around her waist, she is wearing a purple belt. However, exceptions can be made with colors.

Party Animal

junie b jones is a party animal

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junie-b-jones party animal costume idea

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In this book cover, Junie is jumping up and down in her purple pajamas. The dress has little hearts on it and she is wearing a long purple feather boa. Thus, she is also wearing a blue big bow which is the important part of the costume. You can use any color of your choice because Junie rarely matches any dress. She wears whatever she like so do you. Ahan! Do not forget the white bunny slippers.

First Grader

junie b jones first grader

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junie-b-jones first grader costume idea

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First grader Junie B. Jones costume is a real Halloween costume that features a clown sort of outfit. She is wearing yellow hair wig with white gloves and black full sleeves shirt with orange pompom. Her shorts are attached with suspenders. The look is funny and feisty.

Big Fat Mouth

junie b jones and her big fat mouth

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junie b jones and her big fat mouth costume idea for teacher and student

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The dress of Junie B. Jones in the series Big Fat Mouth is much similar to Stupid Smelly Bus. She is wearing a full sleeve pink cardigan with yellow stars button accompanied with a white collar shirt. She paired her cardigan with a purple skirt and a purple band with polka dots yellow bow.

Toothless Wonder

junie b jones toothless wonder outfit

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Junie B. looks ultimately cute on the cover of the book. She is wearing dark blue framed glasses with a floral pattern shirt and yellow upper paired with red trousers. The cover is incomplete with her messy hair and a big smile along with a broken tooth. If you also have a broken tooth, why not you try out this look?

First Grader at Last

junie b jones first grader at last

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In this book cover, Junie B. Jones is not visible because she’s been hiding behind a book but she is wearing glasses and it seems that she is in her purple skirt and full sleeves pink cardigan.

Wrap up

All of the above-mentioned costumes are great and perfect for Halloween. So whether you want to trick or treat your friends or throw a party, try one of the above Junie B. Jones costume ideas for Halloween and post your picture below. We would love to see you.

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