Magnificent King Triton Halloween Costume Ideas For 2023

Is your daughter planning to be the princess of the sea? Then show her that you are a ruler of the ocean by getting the King Triton`s look. Girls love to look like pretty innocent Ariel. She is famous because of being independent and owns the ability to solve her problems. So, be your daughter`s King and shop for the best costume this Halloween 2023. All you need is a white beard and hair set with king’s crown. You will find the accessories easily from a costume shop or at online store. Crucial accessories of King Triton include wristbands and trident which can be made at home. Are you ready to throw a costume party on Halloween? Get some real inspiration from our guide.

The overprotective father and magnificent character from The Little Mermaid is Triton. Triton is well known as the son of Greek God. He owns a conch shell that makes the waves inaudible with a single breath. It is King Triton featured in the Disney Movie. He possesses strong and powerful physique because of grand role. He wants to protect her innocent girl from going on dry land where she actually dreams to go and wants to meet her prince. Triton loves that his girl is independent and can take care of her in troubled times. However, besides the mesmerizing story, you would definitely love the King Triton costumes for Halloween. The six pack abs, golden bracelet, crown and a golden trident, who does not want to be an underwater King for a day. Get the realistic look of famous sea ruler by following the costume guides as below.

Who is King Triton?

Triton is the famous character from Disney animated movie The Little Mermaid. He is the father of Mermaid Ariel as well as the king of underwater Atlantica. The character of King Triton is great and features all of the character traits that a father owns such as overprotective, guide, mentor and powerful. Triton also owns magic that is possessed in Trident and it is made of gold. However, his personality is strong yet very attractive because he is a loving father.

King Triton Costume Guide

Luckily, King Triton does not wear unnecessary jewelry. Thus, for a rivalry look, he maintained his look with minimum kingdom`s jewels. For King Triton costume, you need a merman tail, beard and hair that needs to be white, a crown and other king`s accessories including Trident and wristbands.

Underwater Family

king triton witch and ursula sea family halloween costume ideas

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Father is wearing merman Triton costume featuring Trident, gold bracelets and the crown along with Sebastian on the shoulder. The white beard and hair perfectly suit the character and the blue bottom gives a real underwater feeling.

White Beard Sea God with Ariel

king triton and ariel father daughter halloween costume ideas

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Little Mermaid Dad

king triton little mermaid dad diy costume ideas

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For crown and trident, spray paint, foam and hot glue are required. For a tail, lycra, tulle, and organza were required while wig and beard are readily available in white color in the market.

King Triton Little Mermaid Costume

king triton cosplay costume ideas

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It is a bit varied costume with added arm shells. Color of the crown, wristbands and even trident is not golden but still holds the overall look with the matching merman tail.

King Triton Family

king triton family halloween costume ideas

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It is a complete undersea character costume featuring Ursula, King Triton, Sebastian and Princess Ariel.

King Triton

king triton halloween costume ideas for fathers

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It is a different sort of King Triton costume which doesn’t wears merman tail but is wearing same color long skirt along with added layers depicting fish skin.

King Poseidon

king poseidón costumes for halloween

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This main is successful in attaining the King Triton costume. He fulfills all the necessary accessories along with the merman tail and six pack abs which portrays his real personality.

King Triton and Ariel

king triton and ariel halloween costume ideas for couples

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Though it looks like a couple costume idea but you can copy it along with your father or daughter. Triton costume misses the beard but still he carries the costume really well.

Little Mermaid Family

little mermaid inspired family halloween costume ideas

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The family has copied Triton, Sebastian, Ursula and Ariel costume really well. You will look cute this Halloween along with your family.

Disney Inspired Family Costumes

disney little mermaid family halloween cosplay ideas

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Aww, the Ariel looks so adorable. However, King Triton looks is simple yet fulfills all the necessities.

Hope you have liked our collection of King Triton costume ideas for Halloween. Make your family happy with the complete underwater costume or pair your looks with your father or daughter this Halloween 2023.

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