15 Graceful Knee Tattoo Design Ideas for Females

Stylist say that female knee curve lines magnifies the beauty of their legs. So highlight your feminine curves by getting inked that will enhance the beautiful area of your body. 

Knee tattoos are one of the sexy yet unique to express one’s self. Girl knee is undeniably sexy area of choice to get tattooed on. On female body knee can be a very graceful area and ideal place to get tattoo.

Ladies wear tattoos to create their own identity, to make them feel a little more unique. Unique and trendy knee tattoos raise their confidence. Girl’s tattoos make them feel better about themselves. Girls with knee tattoo wear short skirts, off shorts to show off their sexy tattoo and legs.

Fundamentally there are various types of knee tattoo. You can place them on knee cap, sides of knee, back of the knee, bottom of the knee cap while females mostly choose knee cap place to get tattooed.

When placed in a creative way, these tattoos enhance your personality and looks meanwhile perfect location makes a tattoo so special and meaningful too. As far as the size of the tattoo is concerned the small tiny starter might be a good idea, but that all depends how well you dive in.

It’s not unheard of to go big, but until or unless you’re sure about the design get something big that you will not get sick of in the future. 

When it comes to pain and heeling it usually takes about 2-3 weeks before you can go swimming, take a bath or soak in a hot tub. Healing time depends on how well you take care of your tattoo and the skin around it, and the location, but in general, complete healing usually takes 6 months.

Until it heals you can use numbing cream or ointment or any fragrance free lotion. If you do gym avoid until your knee tattoo completely heals because as it is a joint so it might trigger the pain while exercising. Furthermore, back of knee is full of ligaments so it’s more painful to get tattoo on this area than other areas.

Tattoo is like accessory so for the versatility opt a design that speaks you. Many females prefer to have flower design like red rose, cherry blossom, lotus and so.

A red rose tattoo on feminine body magnifies her beauty as red rose is a symbol of love and passion. In Christianity lady bug is symbol of luck. They believe if lady bug sits on someone that individual is lucky so any girl out there looking for luck tattoo can go for small lady bug tattoo over kneecap.

Angel’s wing can also be placed over knee cap as a symbol of protection and safe guard. One of the best feminine knee tattoo is word ‘freedom’ that embellishes girls’ inner identity and is truly inspiring.

Lotus flower is a delicate, powerful and lovely flower so it’s also another great design a women can get inked as it focuses on her purity, loyalty and dignity.

The description above will help you now to decide what design and which size to have. Most of the elements of the designs are purely ornamental, some of them are listed below:

Feminine Old School Rose Tattoo

old school rose tattoo design on knee for women

image credit

Traditional Rose Tattoo with Skull

traditional old school rose tattoo with skull on knee

image credit

Traditional Black Rose Flower Tattoo

black rose knee tattoo design

image credit

Black Ink Mandala Tattoo Design

dotwork mandala tattoo design on knee

image credit

Black Ink Floral Moon Tattoo Design

black ink flower moon tattoo design on side knee for girls

image credit

Sunflower Tattoo Design

sunflower tattoo design on knee cap

image credit

Traditional Spider Web with Eye Tattoo Design

spider web with eye tattoo on knee

image credit

Small Flower Tattoo on Side Knee

traditional old school flower tattoo on side knee

image credit

Cool Honey Bee Tattoo for Girls

bee tattoo designs on knee cap

image credit

Geometric Design Tattoo for Teenage Girls

geometic tattoo design ideas for knee

image credit

Red and Blue Inked Flower Tattoo Above Knee Cap

flower tattoo ideas for knee

image credit

Feminine Black Inked Butterfly Tattoo

butterfly tattoo under knee

image credit

Quote Tattoo Above Knee Cap for Girls

short quote tattoo above knee cap for girls

image credit

Coloured Peacock Feather Tattoo for Girls

peacock feather tattoo on side knee

image credit

Black Ink Heart Tattoos for Girls

thumb print heart tattoos on knee cap

image credit

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