25 Cute Love Birds Tattoo Designs Ideas

Love bird tattoos are most popular kind of tattoo among bird tattoos. Love birds are the small African singing parrots with colorful plumage. There are various species of love bird, they are mostly named depending on the color of their plumage, for example, peach-faced lovebird, Masked lovebird etc.

These birds got their name because of the way they sit together in pairs. Love birds, as the name suggests it, symbolizes undying love and affection. The way these birds play with each other demonstrates love. It is believed that lovebird choose their mate for life and can’t survive without their mate.

These birds have represented the love and fidelity for generations. Lovebirds are ultimate tokens of love so lovers choose love bird tattoo to show their love. If you’re unsure about what to gift your lover this Valentine’s and you’re stuck on ideas then you could get a love bird tattoo. It is ancient believe that love birds choose their mate on Valentine’s Day.

Lovebird tattoos are popular among both women and men, more so in the former group. People choose lovebirds tattoos to represent their love because this bird not only signifies love and affection but also strength and lifetime commitment. Lovers choose love bird tattoo to ink anywhere they desire to express their deep emotions and desire and to show how much they love each other.

Love birds tattoo can be of different shapes, sizes and color, these tattoos are very popular on wrists, arms, ankles or thighs as these placements are visible. If you want your lover to be the only one who can see your tattoo then chose an intimate location. This can be a very sexy and intimate way to show your special someone the depth of your feelings. This exciting placement can be on back or your stomach.

Couples sometimes choose to get a matching love bird tattoo. These tattoos can be cut in a half or they can have two different birds on each partner, that means one partner carries one-half of the tattoo and other carries another half. This is a very adorable and affectionate way to express love and tell each other that you’re incomplete without one another.

Love bird tattoos can be paired up with different objects which symbolize love for example hearts, banners or flowers. You can choose a tattoo with a cage to show that you’re free from the world and choose your loved one only, it is a very sentimental and meaningful tattoo.

Flying love birds are great way of showing world that how your heart is flying because of your loved one. You can choose any medium of ink for your lovebird tattoo. You can choose one or more vibrant colors for the tattoo or simple black-inked tattoo. Watercolor tattoos are very striking and artistic but if you want to keep it minimum and simple, then you can simply choose a simple outlined tattoo.

If you’ve decided to get a love bird tattoo then following are the few options we choose for you:

Simple Matching Doodled Love Birds for Couples

black and white outlined love birds tattoo on wrists for couples

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Gorgeous Love Birds with Flowery Vine

lovebirds tattoo on pink flower tree branch

Image Via

Black and Grey Love Birds on Chest

black and grey lovebirds tattoo on tree branch for men chest

Image Via

Cute Small and Colorful Love Birds Sitting on Script Font Letter Love

simple small colorful lovebirds tattoo

Image Via

Colorful Love Birds on Cherry Blossom Flowers Tree Branch

colorful lovebirds and cherry blossom tattoo on shoulder blade area for women

Image Via

Grey Love Birds on Pink Flower Tree Branch

love birds tattoo on leg

Image Via

Neo Traditional Heart and Love Birds

neo traditional heart and lovebirds tattoo

Image Via

Amazing Flying Birds Carrying a Token of Hearts

lovebirds tattoo design on leg with hearts bead in mouth

Image Via

Gorgeously Sketched Detailed Love Birds Drawing

lovebirds tattoo drawing sketch design

Image Via

Miniature Love Birds on Ankle

small black ink silhouette lovebirds tattoo on women feet

Image Via

Amazing Picture of Flying Birds

watercolor lovebirds tattoo on back shoulder blade

Image Via

Simple Outline of Love Birds

simple small outline lovebirds tattoo on ribs

Image Via

Adorable Love Bird Singing to its Lover

cute colorful love bird tattoos for couples on wrists

Image Via

Cute Watercolor Love Birds Painting

cute watercolor lovebirds drawing tattoo on back

Image Via

Love Birds Flying Out of Cage

lovebirds flying out of cage tattoo

Image Via

Incredible Colorful Love Birds Perched on Tree

aleksandra katsan lovebirds on tree tattoo

Image Via

Gorgeous Flower Fields and Flying Caged Birds

cage lovebirds tattoo on lower back with flowers fields

Image Via

Singing Old School Birds

upper back old school lovebirds singing tattoo

Image Via

Flying Love Birds Tattoo

lovebirds tattoo on wrist

Image Via

Colorful Lovebirds

colorful lovebirds on tree branch tattoo

Image Via

Tiny Black-Inked Love Birds

tiny black inked love birds tattoo with heart outline on back neck for women

Image Via

Cute Love Birds with Outlined Heart

cute disney love birds tattoo with heart outline

Image Via

Beautiful Lovebirds Framed Picture

black and grey ink lovebirds frame tattoo

Image Via

Sweet Painted Lovebirds

awesome painted lovebirds tattoo on arm for men

Image Via

Cute Matching Love Birds on Couples Wrist

matching cute lovebirds tattoo on wrists for couples

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