25+ Cute Love Tattoo Design Ideas on Wrist

Love is an intimate connection between souls. To express love, partners get a cute love tattoo. Love tattoos are a simple yet romantic way to show devotion to your partner. The most popular placement for the cute love tattoo is on the wrist because wrist tattoos can easily be seen. Wrist tattoos are prominent and they are most stylish, elegant as well as striking, they are popular among both men and women. While women choose love tattoo which enhance their femininity such as heart, men choose tattoo which not only shows love for their partner but also suitable for their masculinity, for example a pierced heart or heart-beat.

Wrist tattoos are small but they can be simple or detailed depending on the preference of the person. Love tattoo on the inner side of the wrist is the common placement for the couple who wants to get cute matching tattoos.

Love tattoos are the most effective way to show love to not only your partners but also to friends and family members. You can get a cute small love tattoo on wrist for your mother or father. There are many options available for the love tattoos on wrists that are cute. You can opt for simple heart or heart-beat tattooed on your wrist. Some people like to get word ‘love’ scribbled on their wrist as a tattoo.

When you think of love, the first thing that comes into your mind is the heart. So, the most common and popular design for love tattoo is heart. You can pair heart with many other symbols which are related to love such as lock and key, infinity symbol… There are many other options available for your tattoo if you don’t want heart tattoo because sky is the limit, for example you can simply write the name of your love partner on your wrist or you can get tattoo of the date you two met. If your partner is up for it you can also get matching love tattoo on wrist.

Some people also like to get a lock and key tattoo to show their loved one that they have a key to their heart. Or you can simply get a heart tattoo. Quotes related to love are also among the most asked design of cute love tattoos on the wrist. Love tattoos on wrist have many options for ink as well. You can either get a black and white ink tattoo or you can choose beautiful colored tattoo. You can also get a beautiful white inked love tattoo which is very popular these days.

While love tattoo on the wrist are beautiful and artistic, they also require great care because wrist get exposed to a lot of things, for instance wrist often get rubbed or bumped which makes the healing process slow. But don’t get swayed love tattoos on wrist are very elegant and also express the depth your emotion for your loved one so you should definitely get it.

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There are endless designs for cute love tattoos on wrists but if you are still confused about what tattoo to get on your wrist, we have great options for you:

Beautiful Colored Heartbeat Tattoo

colorful heartbeat tattoo on wrist

Image Via

Unique Love Tattoo Ideas

Squirrels in Love Wrist Tattoo

Image Via

Outlined Infinity Heart Symbol

heart infinity wrist tattoo for couples

Image Via

Gorgeous Self love Tattoo

love yourself tattoo on wrist

Image Via

Striking Twin Hearts outlined

two hearts tattoo on wrist

Image Via

Stitched Heart tattoo

love stitched heart tattoo on wrist

Image Via

Inspiring Love Quote

love is all you need tattoo on wrist

Image Via

Infinity Love Tattoo

infinity love tattoo on wrist

Image Via

Simple Heart Tattoo

outlined heart tattoo on wrist

Image Via

Family Love Tattoo

love family infinity tattoo

Image Via

I Love You Tattoo

i love you tattoo on wrist

Image Via

Love Birds Tattoo

love birds tattoo on side wrist

Image Via

Attractive Red Ink Word

bold red ink love word tattoo

Image Via

Pretty Matching Lock and Key Tattoo

one heart one love tattoo on wrists

Image Via

Artistic Watercolor Heart Tattoo on both Wrists

watercolor ink heart tattoo on wrists

Image Via

Creative Choose Love Tattoo

choose love tattoo on wrist

Image Via

Gorgeous Love script with Flying Hearts Feather Tattoo

love feather flying hearts tattoo on wrist

Image Via

Love Heart Tattoo

script love ink tattoo on wrist

Image Via

Attractive Matching Couple Tattoo

i love him i love her tattoo on wrists

Image Via

Appealing Anchor Cross Heart Tattoo

anchor cross heart tattoo with flying birds on wrist

Image Via

Simple Love and Dove Tattoo

love dove tattoo on wrist

Image Via

Unique White Ink Love Tattoo

white ink love tattoo on wrist

Image Via

Simple Dotted Heart Tattoo

small dashed line heart tattoo on wrist

Image Via

Attractive Chinese Symbol for Love Tattoo

chinese inscription love heart tattoo on wrist

Image Via

Striking Watercolor Love with Key Tattoo

watercolor love and key tattoo on wrist

Image Via

Love Quote Tattoo

all the love tattoo on wrist

Image Via

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