20 Top Low Maintenance Haircut For Men With Styles For Short Hair

Hairstyling is a top priority among every man’s grooming needs. Getting a sleek look, and one that is easy to maintain, is exactly what most men prefer. However, maintaining hair for grown men seems like a real problem, especially for office lads and even busy students.

Paying a visit to your stylist every now and then for your grooming needs, or getting to a nearby salon, every fortnight, to maintain a sober look, sounds a like a tedious job. While rushing in the morn, most men resort to comb over their hair for a couple of minutes, or brush with fingers.

Despite combing over hair intelligently, most men, end up compromising on style and ultimately their potential to look amazingly gorgeous. Hence, a low maintenance, hair cut that adds more definition to facial features and translates into personal elegance is now desirable by most men.

In this read, we will look at some of the best low-maintenance haircuts for short hair, and the kind of beard and face shape that will build a complete package for good look.

1. Buzz cut with Shaved Lines on Either Temple

buzz cut with shaved line men haircut style for short hair

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A buzz Cut with shaved line on either side of the temple adds more definition to the face. It is simple, one of the easiest to maintain, and suitable for almost all face shapes. Level the top and fade the area of the temple to add good texture. It is preferred for clean faces, but one can also maintain this one with a short stubble.

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2. Aiden Hazard Buzz Cut with Faded Side

buzz cut with faded side haircut men style for short hair

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Another easy to maintain cut is Aiden Hazard’s very popular Buzz Cut with faded sides. Compromising on shaved lines, here, adds more to formal appearance.

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3. Messy Dropped-top Look with Tapered Sides

messy dropped top with tapered sides men haircut style

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It suits quite nicely on guys having short stubble and an oval or square-shaped face. Long-length messy top with slightly tapered sides and faded side burn add more definition to the short stubble.

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4. Crew Cut

men crew haircut style for short hair

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The classic crew cut with faded sides gets better texture and provides an overall sleek look.

Highly recommended for square shaped face and zero or low facial hair!

5. Butch Cut

men butch haircut for short hair

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The Butch Cut of FNF Co-star Paul Parker (R.I.P) is among the top easy maintenance haircuts.

Suitable for bigger forehead and dropped, flat brows!

6. Uniform Top with 0 Sides

men tapered haircut style for short hair

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This low maintenance haircut best suits to men who have a dark-textured, beard. The top is trimmed at uniform length, while the sides are tapered to 0 to add great prominence to the beard.

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7. Finger-Combed Mess Look with Faded Sides

men faded sides combed haircut style for short hair

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Suitable for square shaped face

Finger-combing makes maintenance easier, whereas, faded sides reflect sharp temples, and add more definition to the top. Faded sides in this cut also suit best with thin textured chin hair and moustache.

8. Aaron Paul Burr Cut

men burr haircut style for short hair

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This haircut is also suitable for men with large forehead area. Best suits with oval and diamond shaped faces. Since the burr cut adds more detail to the edges, short stubble or undergrown facial hair suits best.

9. Taper Fade

men taper fade haircut style for short hair

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Short cut top with taper faded sides makes for a an overall amazingly sleek look. Its low maintenance and suits every kind of face shape. Works best with Square and Oval shaped face.

10. Tom Cruise Taper

tom cruise taper haircut style for men

image credit

If you are looking for low maintenance and also wish to have longer hair, you may consider Tom Cruise Taper. It is elegant, requires low maintenance and best suits faces with broad jaw line. Long-top and slightly tapered sides create a gorgeous look, which fits in all kinds styles.

11. Caesar

men caesar haircut style for short hair

image credit

With short cut top and faded sides, the modern Caesar cut is suitable for all kinds of beard styles. Since the front hair are curtailed at a relatively shorter length, the Caesar cut makes up for a great low maintenance haircut.

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12. Classic Taper

men classic taper haircut style for short hair

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The classic taper is a low maintenance haircut. It is elegant since it suits both formal and party outlooks. Long top and tapered sides defines the outline of the temple and add good detail to the facial hair.

13. Regulation Cut

men military style haircut

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The regulation cut also known as military style, should not be taken as something which  is outdated or old fashioned. Its elegant, glossy look at the side helps to create a bold appearance and a strong impression. The faded back hair with taper/ faded side burns make up for a good low maintenance package.

14. Wavy Top with Tapered Faded Sides

men wavy top with tapered faded sides haircut for short hair

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If you have wavy hair and you struggle with irregular strands, you can get a wavy top with tapered sides. Faded sides add detail to the head shape and is suitable for all kinds of face shapes.

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15. Ivy League

men ivy league haircut for short hair

image credit

Ryan Gosling’s Ivy League, an ideal style for oval shaped face, is a good low maintenance option. Short cut top, with relatively longer hair in the front and slightly tapered sides make an excellent balance in defining facial features.

16. Slicked back top with Faded Sides

men slicked back with faded sides haircut for short hair

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Ideal for straight hair and for people looking to maintain a glossy look to appear handsome  Slick back top, showing volume, suits people with bigger noses or close-positioned cheekbones, whereas faded sides highlight the beard line.

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17. Brushed up Top with Faded Sides

men brushed up top with faded sides haircut for short hair

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Horizontal head-line, and textured look on front-top, make up together for a sleek look for oval and square face shapes. The faded sides add to low maintenance and good detail to the brushed top area.

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18. Frizzled Top

men frizzled top haircut for short hair

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Frizzled top defined with horizontal head-line and faded/tapered sides, adds good prominence to upper area of the face.

19. Emo hair With A Faded Side

men emo style haircut for short hair

image credit

Emo may seem a little old fashioned, but an EMO with faded side, and a drawn line on the side to reflect division of hair not only adds texture and unique look, but also adds to low maintenance.

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20. Textured Messy Top with Faded Sides

men textured messy top haircut for short hair

image credit

If you barely comb your hair, or wish to keep a messy look and want to be seen as attractive at the same time, you can copy this look. The textured messy area make up for a glossy, attractive look, whereas, the faded area around the ear, add more definition to the side and prominence to origin of beard.

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