6 Perfect Makeup Ideas for Black Dress

Every girl has that one black dress in her wardrobe that turns her into a diva. Whether you are going to a dinner party, your prom, or a fashion event, nothing can go wrong when you are wearing a black dress.

But after wearing your favorite black outfit, you usually find yourself asking, “What color eye shadow should I wear with a black dress?” The good thing about a black dress is that you can go for whatever makeup look you want. Whether it is bold red lips or a nude look, a simple makeup, or smokey eye makeup for black dress, you have a lot of choices.

If you are sitting in front of a mirror wondering what color eye shadow for a black dress will look good, do not worry, because we have the perfect black dress makeup looks that you should try:

1. Classic red lip look:

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The best and perfect makeup with black dress is wearing a red-colored lipstick. You do not have to go for a heavy makeup look when you are rocking a red lip. Go with a beige colored eye shadow and finish the look with some black winged liner.

Whether you are wearing a long dress or a short one, this makeup look for a black dress will turn heads, and make you look gorgeous and ready for the event.

2. Bold eye makeup look:

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Do you know what looks perfect with a black dress? Smokey eyes and nude lips. This is another perfect makeup with black dress. Create a brown smokey eye look, and you will stand out. Add mascara or fake lashes, and you have the best eye makeup looks for black dress.

3. Simple makeup look:

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Do not feel like creating a bold look with a black dress? Well, do not worry because it is not necessary to go with a smokey eye or bold lip when you wear a black dress. Create a simple makeup for black dress by applying a blue or black winged eyeliner. Add mascara and a bit of blush. This might sound like a very simple look, but this is the best makeup for black outfit.

4. Just add Mascara:

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If you can’t figure out how to do make up for black dress or you do not have a lot of time to get ready, just apply 2-3 layers of mascara and shimmery eyeshade. Finish the look with a bold red or pink lip and you are done.

5. Champagne eye makeup look:

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Are you still wondering whether you should wear a black dress because you can’t figure out the best eye makeup to match a black dress? Well, just pop some champagne-colored eye shadow on your lid and also use it on the cheekbones. You can always use a red lip color or if you want to make it subtle, you can go for a nude color.

6. Black Smokey eye look:

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The best and bold eye makeup with black dress is a black smokey eye. For this kind of look, you do not have to go for bright or bold colors for your lip. Instead, go for a nude look and keep the rest of your makeup simple and light.


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