25 Medusa Tattoo Design Ideas with Meaning

Although there is a vast range of options for you, let us introduce you to 25 Medusa Tattoo Designs. 

These Medusa tattoos will look splendid on body because of the rich history behind the character of Medusa. For those of you who don’t know, Medusa is a very significant character and part of the Greek mythology and is looked upon as a symbol of femininity and freedom by many.

Moreover according to the myths of Greek, the strikingly beautiful Medusa was a gorgon and was romantically involved with Poseidon, the Sea God. Until the goddess Athena, found out about their little rendezvous in the Temple of Athena.

She cursed Medusa by taking away her beauty with hideousness and replacing her lush beautiful hair with slithering snakes for a head. Medusa was unable to love anyone after that and lived to perish people who would look her in the eyes. Her tragic tale comes to end by the hands of Perseus, the son of Poseidon.

But Medusa is still praised and is an inspiration to many of her followers, and her tattoo is said to be meaningful for some of the reasons given below:

  • Avengeful
  • Strong
  • Fierce
  • Deadly Beautiful
  • Divine
  • Rebirth
  • Death
  • Magic
  • Unrequited Love
  • Rebellious

So if you are one of the women who is looking to explore her femininity and feeling a tad bit powerful, take a look at these Beautiful Medusa Tattoo Design Ideas and get inked.

Some of the things you need to keep in mind before you make your visit to the tattoo parlor.

1) Do you research about what tattoo you like best and don’t hold back from instructing the tattoo artist exactly how you want it to be.

2) Make sure you’re not allergic to the ink or the instrument.

3) Be patient, let the tattoo artist do their job.

4) Ask the tattoo artist any query you have, and you can ask them to change the needle if you’re not comfortable with it.

5) Go to an experienced and professional tattoo artist. Remember the tattoo will only be as good as the artist behind it.

Alright, so that’s pretty much it. Let’s take a look at the stunning Medusa Tattoo images shall we?

1. Black and white Medusa Tattoo

black and white medusa tattoo design

image credit

2. Bold Medusa Tattoo

medusa tattoo ideas

image credit

3. Geometric Medusa Snake Tattoo

half sleeve evil medusa tattoo design

image credit

4. Bold Blue and Pink Medusa Tattoo

colorful lilian raya  self portrait medusa tattoo

image credit

5. Pretty Medusa Black and White tattoo

medusa head tattoo drawing on thigh

image credit

6. Striking Medusa Tattoo

3d medusa tattoo drawing

image credit

7. Under Chest Medusa Tattoo Outline

underboob illustration medusa tattoo design

image credit

8. Small Thigh Medusa Tattoo

medusa tattoo sketch on side thigh

image credit

9. Thigh Long Medusa Tattoo

medusa greek tattoo design

image credit

10. Medusa Hand Tattoo

traditional medusa tattoo on hand

image credit

11. On the Back Medusa Tattoo

ancient medusa tattoo

image credit

12. On Hand-Wrist Medusa Tattoo

medusa head tattoo sketch on wrist

image credit

13. Medusa Eyes Wrist Tattoo

medusa wrist band tattoo

image credit

14. Black and White Edgy Medusa Tattoo

blackwork medusa tattoo

image credit

15. Forearm Medusa Snake-Head Tattoo

medusa snake head tattoo

image credit

16. Medusa Chest Tattoo

ancient medusa tattoo design on chest

image credit

17. Hollow Eyed Medusa Tattoo

gorgon tattoo

image credit

18. On Thigh Medusa Tattoo

little medusa head tattoo on thigh

image credit

19. Misty Black Medusa Tattoo

forearm medusa tattoo

image credit

20. On the Chest Medusa Tattoo

image credit

21. Symmetric Medusa Tattoo

medusa head tattoo

image credit

22. Egyptian/Greek Medusa Tattoo

ancient greek medusa tattoo

image credit

23. Medusa/Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

marilyn monroe medusa tattoo design

image credit

24. Medusa Face on Thigh Tattoo

simple gorgona medusa tattoo

image credit

25. A Full Sleeve Medusa Tattoo

half sleeve snake tattoo

image credit

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