15+ Delicate Narcissus Flower Tattoo Design Ideas

Do you know there’s a Greek myth that there’s a handsome lad who falls in love with his reflection and later killed himself because he realized his love couldn’t retaliate?  There’s also a mythology that, where he found dead there’s sprouted a flower called daffodil, no one knows whether this flower was named after this young man or he was.

If you are seeking hope, elusiveness or strengths in a personality, you are definitely a secret admirer of a narcissus flower. The flower tattoos are usually preferred by girls but nowadays they are common among men too because they present a central and realistic yet decorative element in male tattoo designs.

Narcissist is derived from a Greek word Narke, means Numbness. A flower is called narcissus because of its toxic smell. Narcissus flower tattoo is also known as a daffodil tattoo, these tattoos on one side symbolize hope, rebirth, renewal. On the other side, they also have a negative meaning (death in youth) as daffodil blossoms and wilt quickly.

Narcissus flowers usually have six petals like tepal which gives them the shape of a cup or trumpet shape corona. They have generally had colors yellow and white with uniform or contrasting shapes (i.e., tepals & corona). In ancient civilization, these flowers were both used medically and botanically.

Flower tattoos are always fascinating when it comes to mind as it symbolizes love, strength, sometimes family & friends. They become more meaningful when it engraved with some signs or images. In ancient Greek these flower tattoos were also symbolized as God contentment.

There are different unique styles of narcissus flower tattoo ideas which are as follows.

black and white narcissus flowers branches with butterflies and signature tattoo design on calf

image credit

narcissus flower bud with 3d heart in mom text banner tattoo design

image credit

beautiful black and white butterfly with narcissus flowers tattoo design

image credit

narcissus flower tattoo on side arm

image credit

abstract black and white narcissus flower tattoo design

image credit

sword with snake and white narcissus flowers tattoo design

image credit

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These abstract Narcissus flower tattoos don’t represent the real depiction of the picture. It reflects the shape, form, size & color of an image to achieve its effect.

The artist uses black & white ink, from which he gives space between linework to portray a clear message of the image.

People also use to engrave these narcissus flower tattoos with their birth signs.

See Also:

black and grey narcissus flower tattoo design on wrist

image credit

big black and grey narcissus flower tattoo design

image credit

black and white narcissus flowers tattoo design on shoulder for women

image credit

blackwork narcissus flower tattoo on arm

image credit

delicate black and white narcissus tattoo design

image credit

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The black and grey flowers which beautifully crafted by the artist to give it an old portrait look. Some people go for Simple and beautiful tattoos that represent their personality.

yellow narcissus flowers field tattoo design on upper arm

image credit

beautiful colors narcissus flowers field tattoo design

image credit

image credit

3d yellow narcissus flowers buds with initials and butterfly tattoo design on foot

image credit

3d gorgeous watercolor yellow narcissus bud tattoo design on side leg

image credit

small yellow narcissus flowers bouquet tattoo design on ankle

image credit

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Choosing the right color for a tattoo is not a simple task. The artist has to be very critical in his decision on which skin tone which colors he should use so that the tattoo won’t look dull and had an impact.

So, this is a very tricky task to choose the right color for the right skin tone.

It’s just like you have a canvas & you have to use watercolors.

Every Tattoo has its meaning and they are a personal thing. For some people, it gives straightforward meanings, inspirational quotes, loved one’s names or their portraits, their trial signs, or other scripted work. The Narcissus flower tattoo ideas are available in different designs from 3D picture, to minimal designs. The common colors used for a narcissus flower is yellow, black and white or paper white.

The tattoo designs can be inked on different body parts but tattoos inked on neck, wrist, and lower belly depict a delicacy with intricate patterns and soothing colors. Hope you like our exciting gallery of dreaming and beautifully executed yet hopeful narcissus flower tattoo ideas.


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