10 Cool Not-Scary Halloween Costumes

Halloween is just around the corner. The best thing about Halloween other than eating candies is dressing up. Even if you are not a kid anymore, you still have some Halloween parties to go to with your friends or take your kid trick or treating.

Most people go for a scary theme when selecting their costumes. But if you are not a huge fan of scary costumes, do not worry because there are some non-scary Halloween costumes for adults and kids.

These cool and not scary Halloween costumes will make people add some more candies in your bucket while trick or treating. To help you achieve the best Halloween costume that are not scary, here are some ideas and inspiration:

1. Cat Halloween costume:

This is the easiest and non-scary Halloween costume idea. This will make you look cute and also add some style in your wardrobe. Whether you want to go as a cute cat, wild cat, or grumpy cat, this is the go-to costume that is easily achievable. 

2. Superhero Halloween costume:

Want to make your costume super exciting? Go as your favorite superhero. From wearing capes to holding a shield, you will have a lot of choices to choose from. This costume is fun to design and also cool and not a scary Halloween costume.

3. Bob Ross Halloween costume:

Are you thinking of going as a couple this Halloween? If you want a good and non-scary Halloween costume for couples, dress-up as Bob Ross and your partner can dress up as a tree. All you need is a wig, some paints, and a paintbrush to show your creativity.

4. Spider web Halloween costume:

Want to stay in the Halloween spirit but not look scary? Dress up like a spider web. You can either dress-up in a cool spider web dress or play with some make-up and make it look cute.

5. Food Halloween costume:

There is a lot of choices for you if you want to dress up as something delicious. Whether it is your favorite pasta or pizza, you can dress up as your favorite food. Here are some delicious Halloween costume ideas that are not scary: 

6. Unicorn Halloween costume:

Want to dress up as something magical this Halloween? Wear a horn headband and add some glitter to make your Halloween costume colorful and sparkly.

7. Clown Halloween costume:

Who said clowns are supposed to be scary? Add some funny props with your costume and you are ready to make everyone laugh.

8. Family Halloween costume:

Are you going trick and treating as a family? Dress-up as different colored robots, legos, or minions. These are some cool and not so scary Halloween costumes for you and your family.

9. Bandits Halloween costume:

Going with your partner in crime this Halloween? Why not dress up as bandits? This is the best Halloween costume that is not scary and also a fun way to dress-up with your squad.

10. Pirate Halloween costume:

Take a break from stealing gold and dress-up as a pirate this Halloween.

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