17 Unique Paired Tattoos for Couples In Deep Love

Are you planning to get inked on this wedding anniversary with your love? Then let us provide you fantastic and unique paired tattoos couples will surely love, it is great if the lovers get it. Most of the people even get full body pair tattoos but it is amazing to have a small or reasonable sized tattoos with the indiscernible meaning.

If you are boyfriend or girlfriend then make sure that your tattoo will also look great even if you are individual because the issue of a breakup may lead to the laser removal. So try to make the unique and cool tattoo. Following is the list so scroll down and select the one which you adore the most.

1. Lifeline

lifeline tattoo

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A heart tattoo was considered unique for years, and you might see most of the couple having a small heart tattoo. Now get inked with a lifeline tattoo which will be completed with your partner tattoo.

2. Red Ribbon

red ribbon tattoo on pinky

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According to the Japanese Legend, the Gods used to tie a thread by making a knot on the little fingers of the people who were destined to be together. The red color tattoo is inspired from this.

3. Feather

matching feather tattoos

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The great feather is perfect pair tattoo for lovers or friends. It is a sign of staying together just like the flock of birds.

4. Geeky

geeky couple tattoos

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Most of the people love geeky tattoos. So you can get inked according to your favorite game. However, if you confuse about the game, then this controller will surely be the great solution.

5. Maple Leaf

leaf tattoo

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If you have fallen in true love, then this leaf will undoubtedly prove to be a great option as a couple tattoos.

6. Love and Music

music note heart tattoo

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The perfect combination of love, hearts and music for the music lovers. However, the picture also shows the ice creams lovers.

7. Love Rocks

love rocks tattoo

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The awesome tattoo which shows that our love rocks. It is cute and tiny little tattoo perfect for a rocking relation.

8. Interlocking tattoo

faithful tattoo

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The interlocking tattoo is great because they always symbolize something amazing or meaningful.

9. Key to my heart

key to my heart tattoo

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It is a romantic and a cute design for the lovers. It seems as if two souls are connecting with each other. The realistic shade in the tattoo is incredible.

10. Mickey and Minnie Mouse

mickey and minnie kissing tattoo

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Kissing Mickey and Minnie Mouse is a perfect choice for the lovers. The design is great to ink on palms and will complete the picture while holding hands.

11. Mr and Mrs.

mr and mrs finger tattoos

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Mr and Mrs tattoo is a perfect choice for the wedding couple. This will show the everlasting love among the couple.

12. Ring tattoo

ring finger tattoos for couples

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People who love each other till the last breath and never want to get separated often get ring tattoos.

13. Science tattoos

science tattoos

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For the science geeks, this tattoo is simply amazing which symbolize the sharing of the bond between two people. However, you can have the tattoo in different way or relationship style as well.

14. Foot tattoo

sun tattoo on couples foot

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It is a smart symbol which shows the sun in two part design. The foot design is stunning.

15. Parrot tattoo

parrot tattoo

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It is a cute parrot tattoo which shows the two male and female birds. The perfect detailing has enhanced the look of the tattoo.

16. Love and respect

love her respect him tattoo

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One of the best and the great tattoo which shows the rule of never ending relation. Always love her and give your man the respect he deserves.

17. Forever and ever …

infinity love tattoo

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The sign of never ending horizontal 8 symbolizes the love which will remain until death. It is cute and looks very attractive.

Above all are the best, cute and romantic tattoos for the couples. These couple tattoos look best when inked in a pair. So get one of your favorite pair tattoo inked with your partner. Have a happy life.

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