4 Best Palazzo Pants with Top Outfit Trends

Owning a good pair of palazzo pants isn’t enough. You need to know the perfect way to style it and wear it with something that compliments the grace of palazzo pants. Palazzo wear has been in fashion since the past decade and every year we see more and more worthy outcomes of these pants.

Although, the history of palazzo pants can go back to the early 1960’s and 1970’s but back then these palazzo pants were more commonly known as bell bottoms. You can think of palazzo pants as a more modernized and fashionably modified version of their ancestors, the bell bottoms.

When deciding what top to wear with palazzo pants, it is important to first know your palazzo pants. If you are aware of the palazzo wear you will not have any difficulty in selecting a perfect top for it.

Types of Palazzo Pants

1. The Classic Black Palazzo Pants

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The most easy to find and style are the classic black palazzo pants. They are straight wide legged palazzo pants, sometimes high-waist, are perfect for a casual gathering or a formal one. You can wear the same black palazzo pants with a different top, depending on the event and pull the look off.

A crop top with palazzo pants is also a great way to show off a bit of your lower abs that you’ve been working on, while on a night out with your girlfriends.

2. Printed and Colored Palazzo Pants

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The specialty of printed palazzo pants is that they look super cute with long tops. If you are ever looking to wear something to a formal event, palazzo pants with long top should be your go to option.

The printed or colored palazzo pants will balance out the top that you will choose to wear.

For ladies who aren’t a big fan of long tops are not obligated to wear it, a short t-shirt or designer top or crop top with palazzo pants will look just as great.

3. Culottes

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The most stylish palazzo pants have to be the culottes! They are a shorter version of palazzo pants and are much more trending than the actual palazzo pants. Culottes are the perfect pants for the summer season, where you want to wear as less clothing as you can but also be appropriate.

Culottes are not only ‘work appropriate’ but you can also wear them for a party event at your place or somewhere else making it our perfect street style.

Easy way to dress up in culottes is to pair it with a fabulous short shirt but the best thing about culottes is that it can be styled with almost any type of top.

4. Slit Palazzo Pants

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If you ever want to add a hot and spice to your outfit, then slit palazzo pants are the one for you. The slit palazzo pants are, as the name suggests, slit on either side which gives you the opportunity to show off your beautiful legs in the summer.

You can wear your slit palazzo pants with a cute off-shoulder top or a stylishly designed top to complete the look of the outfit.

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