Top 7 Best Purple Nail Designs Ideas For Winter

Everyone always adores neat and tidy nails, it is good to have well-maintained and manicured nails. The current obsession among girls is to keep their nails decorated, they use various gadgets and tools to make their hands visually delightful.

The royal color purple is in trend this winter, every shade of purple grabs the attention. You will find different celebrities who are wearing shades of purple on their nails. However, if you are looking for awesome purple nail ideas, then you are at right place.

Learn the art with alluring tones of lilac and lavender.

During winter, it is good to choose the dark tones of purples, the fun designs will enhance your overall appearance and will act as a confidence booster. You can use glitter and various rhinestones to see the real magic.

purple color nail designs

Decide the color

When you are planning to be creative with nails, the first thing to choose is a color. Nail color or paint usually depends on the type of look you are about to carry, Nail art does require a little effort and creativity skills. You want that nail art design that must remain for days and compliments every style, it is best to choose a color which is appropriate with every style, and that is why fashion experts have chosen royal shades of purple.

Why purple nail designs?

Every color symbolizes specific meaning, these colors evoke feelings and also depict the qualities or nature of human. If you have not paid attention to purple color, then have a look at it.

The great color symbolizes dignity, creativity, magic and royalty. If it is your favorite colors, then it represents understanding, compassion, and sensitivity. People who like purple color are freedom lover and free spirit, So it means the decision to paint your nails with purple are quite right.

decide-the-color purple nail polish

Get started

Using paint colors is totally safe and sound. At any point in life, girls paint their nails and decorate them. However, things get little complicated and involved with the advent of various tools and nail art. It is not vital that you need to buy tool kits, Q-tips, toothpicks, and simple gadgets are readily available at home, so utilize them for new shapes, spots and lines.

The best things are to keep the nails filed and clean. They have to be kept well maintained.

1. Purple and Gold nail design


Photo Credit: Pinterest


Photo Credit: Pinterest


Photo Credit: Pinterest


Photo Credit: Naildesigns

The combination of purple and gold is always royal. It will embellish the nails, and two shades will complement each other so right, It will look beautiful. Nail art freak girls love gold shade and when it combines with a feminine shade of lilac, lavender or violet, it will enhance your look.

You can create different purple nail designs with various geometric shapes such as ombre, triangles, stripes and chevrons, or you can also spray dust the purple shade with gold glitter.

2. Gorgeous design in Purple and diamonds


Photo Credit: Nail designs


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Photo Credit:  Nail Art

The nail art in purple shade will look glamorous and when it combines with girl best friend diamonds, no doubt nails will surely look embellished. Make the nails hot and happening and the trend to use diamond shimmer or spray dust will look gorgeous and suit every type of occasion. If you are thinking to embed real diamonds, then we are talking about the diamond polish, it will add a spectacular look and you can paint tips with it.

3. Purple flower designs


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Photo Credit:  Nail art design

Flowers are important and integral part of nail art. The result of mixing the floral designs with the tone of purple is truly magical, Anyone with artistic skills can wear the decorative art. If you are going to a party, just apply the white base with small floral patterns. 3D flowers will also accent the nails.

4. Purple French tips


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Photo Credit: Pinterest


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The fashion freaks always seek ways to look stylish, they play with colors and try to be artistic. The purple nail designs with French tips looks ravishing, You can go with a simple manicure and colored French tips. Shape your nails according to Chevron patterns and use golden and silver to enhance the look.

5. Purple animal print design


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Animal prints look very adorable on the nails, they look fierce, stylish and give a sexy look. Sometimes women like to dress in a little mysterious way, and printed animal nails look very elegant. The combination of colors, as well as animal printed nails especially at night parties, give a wild feeling. You can embellish the nails with zebra stripes, leopard spots, and tiger stripes.

6. Two tones purple color


Photo Credit: Nail designs


Photo Credit: Nail Designs


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You can add uniqueness in color by adding tones and different shades, Two tones purple design looks amazing and trendy. If you want to keep up elegant look, go with purple color and the tone of a lighter shade. Now blend these colors to make an ombre shade, It will give a fresh look. Make sure to add a glittery shade.

7. Stripes and polka dot design


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Photo Credit: Nail designs


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The purple nail design in stripes and dots will suit every type of occasion, it gives a funky look and will add style to your personality. These designs never look old or get out of trend, you can paint styles involving yellow, pink, black, blue or green. Try to use shades which will enhance funkiness and wavy patterns, You have to use tapes for creating strips.

After going through the amazing collection of gorgeous purple nails, you will love to apply them. So look beautiful and be creative.

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