30 Best Rosary tattoo Design Ideas with Pictures for Men & Women

Rosary tattoo design are tattoos involving rosary beads and a deep meaning that reflects a persons belief on God. They are very popular not only among the orthodox but also for those who feel close to the teachings of God irrespective of being a strict believer. Let’s find out how different designs can be engraved incorporating the rosary beads in each.

1. Adorable Pinkie Tattoo

Cover your pinkie with this delicate traditional rosary pattern, and it will remains under the spiritual influence.

rosary pinkie tattoo

2. Elongated Rosary

Embellish your skin with this elongated rosary decorative design to feel its spiritual effect all the time.

rosary tattoo design on forearm

3. Trapped Rosary Tattoo

Rosary trapped in the beautiful bunch of floral tattoo have pleasing and soothing effect on the minds of wearer.

rosary tattoo with flowers on back shoulder

4. Prayer bound Rosary

Folded hand with rosary entangled between the fingers shows devotion and acknowledgment of the greatness of holy power.

rosary praying hands tattoo

5. Holy Mary Rosary

You always need to knock the doors of the Almighty to get yourself out of the troubles of life. This sleeve tattoo explains the fact with rosary adding intensity to your believes.

Prayers of the crying Holy Rosary tattoo on forearm

6. Entangled rosary

Wrap this sacred tattoo around the wrist to stay protected from the evil powers.

rosary tattoo on wrist

7. The Mindful Rosary

Ink yourself with this wavy rosary tattoo close to the brain for deep connection.

rosary tattoo on face

8. Rosary Anklet

Beautify your feet with this rosary anklet around your feet. Most favoured tattoo among the women.This tattoo ties you to your Lord for the entire life.

rosary tattoo on ankle foot

9. Power in your palm

Get a tight hold of this sacred rosary tattoo with crucified Jesus to feel connected with your Lord.

rosary cross Jesus hand tattoo design

10. Cross necklace rosary

A conventional rosary tattoo hanging around the neck to stay blessed.

Cross necklace rosary tattoo

11. Duet of Rosary and Baseball Tattoo

Engrave this unique blend of rosary and baseball to wish luck to the player. Popular plumb for sports lover.

Duet of Rosary and Baseball Tattoo

12. Rose Embedded Rosary

Rosary and Rose both holds a sacred place in the world of love. Rose for temporal love and rosary for the eternal love can be a perfect combination to be tattooed.

rosary tattoo with red rose flower

13. Sharp Sketched Jesus Rosary

Even the Jesus Christ witness the importance of rosary, beautifully portrayed in this arm tattoo.

Jesus Rosary tattoo

14. Earthy Rosary

This tattoo is a classical representation of the sanctity of rosary, which can be felt by the humongous earth itself.

rosary tattoo on leg

15. Chinese Dialect Rosary

Chinese tattoos are very popular among people around the world. Rosary with Chinese dialect is a cool representation of this tattoo.

rosary tattoo with Chinese prayers

16. Timepiece Rosary

A vintage styled timepiece hanging by rosary beads to compliment the importance of time.

vintage clock rosary tattoo

17. The Angelic bond

A beautiful creation of rosary beads being held together by the angels. This portrays that no matter what the angels are always there to protect the word of God.

angles and rosary tattoo

18. The holy cow

The cow is a sacred animal in the several cultures. It is respected by many and known for its innocence. To pair it up with rosary marks its sacredness even further.

holy cow rosary tattoo

19. The Angelic Warrior

The depiction of an angelic warrior wearing rosary beads at her wrist. This can be perceived as a symbol of strength that is provided by the rosary beads to the warrior to aid in her win.

angel and rosary tattoo on back

20. Wolf claw rosary

A wolf claw hanging by colorful beads of rosary creates the perception of sweet victory. The strength of rosary beads takes over any power in the world.

wolf claw ankle rosary tattoo

21. Twisted Rosary

Are you looking for that extravagant tattoo to adorn your body?  This rosary twisted tattoo on the upper arm would totally showoff your bicep.

twisted rosary tattoo with name on shoulder

22. Dove of peace

A serene representation of the sign of peace, dove, beautifully supporting the holy cross dangling from the rosary beads.

dove and rosary tattoo on forearm

23. The winged prayer

The hands of prayer is the most sacred symbol of asking for the best from the being above all of us. Complimenting it with wings and rosary beads adds further to its serenity.

angle wings praying hands and rosary tattoo on back

24. Beauty with beads

A beautiful rose tattoo with traits of rosary beads embedded with name initials on back.

rosary beads rose flower and name initials tattoo on back

25. Anchored love

Inspired by the weight on anchor that weighs down the love, the anchor tattoo entangled by rosary beads explains that the love in sacred when bound by the belief in God.

couples anchor and rosary tattoo

26. Prayer heart

A delicate design engulfing prayer hands within a heart bind by the names of your loved ones. Such tattoos show strong relationship bonds between you and your beloveds.

praying hands in holy word heart shape rosary tattoo

27. Evil trapped rosary

An image of a devil depicting demon with rosary beads behind his head. This is for the daring ones who are capable of defeating all evil by their strength and belief.

Evil trapped tiger and rosary tattoo

28. Holy finger ring rosary

Slip your finger into this precisely carved minute holy loop tattoo for a sophisticated look and an aura of holiness.

finger ring rosary tattoo

29. Scorpius Illuminati

Decorate the back of your palm with the Illuminati pattern complimented with a Scorpio to complete the look and accompanied by hanging rosary beads.

Illuminati symbols rosary tattoo

30. Infinity Rosary

This tattoo is a conglomerate of faith and rosary. Inscribe this simple yet meaningful tattoo and make it a philosophy of your life.

faith infinity symbol rosary tattoo

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