30+ Scary Happy Halloween Pictures and Wallpapers

Halloween is a festival when everyone gets a chance to become scary creature, the end of summer season gives us all a final chance to decorate our home, have creepy looks with scary witch makeup, become evil clown or cool with specific Halloween costumes and also share scary Halloween images with friends & family, replacing mobile phone wallpaper or computer desktop background with these scary Happy Halloween pictures-Wallpapers.

So Halloween is about to come… as the summer season is at its end. This time of the year is considered to be the most scary nights of the year. People belongs to different regions are preparing themselves to welcome the new season, In the same way people are planning for the Halloween celebrations. People of all ages especially the young ones love to celebrate this event with full joy and excitement.

Special costumes and face masks and accessories have been designed for this event. Whatever the design and color of costume is, the main theme is “scary Halloween”. Witches, ghosts and zombies avatars are commonly chosen by many people.

It’s always hassle to come up with the unique costume on Halloween. It’s not about purchasing expensive dresses; it’s all about having a unique and different look. As we are living in the age where social media is playing very important role. People love to update their statuses via different social websites. So on Halloween making wishes to others and sharing some good memories people upload pictures and different Halloween wallpapers.

For Halloween there is huge collection of wallpapers and pictures and it is easily available on internet. For wallpapers there are different types.

  • Some are funny pictures; these are related to the different cartoons and movies characters and film dialogues for making people laugh harder.
  • Some are animated cute pictures.
  • Some are greetings and wishing quotes for Halloween.
  • Some are the scary and horrifying wallpapers.

Basically Halloween is all about the horror and fear-provoking. In scary Halloween pictures and wallpapers we frequently found the content related to skulls, witches, ghost, pumpkins and famous movies killers and many others scary things. Animals like cats, dogs and birds like bats are widely portrayed in the Halloween themes.

Today in this article we have chosen some different scary pictures-wallpapers for wishing and greetings Happy Halloween. Hope you will enjoy these.

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I will find you….where ever you are.

scary-happy-halloween-pictures-1920x1200 pixel

image credit

How’s my smile….cool or scary??


image credit

Its Halloween…it’s my time


image credit

Please hide me….don’t want to open my eyes


image credit

Moon night view on Halloween


image credit

Boooo….witches are coming to you.


image credit

Look into my eyes….what do you see…??


image credit

Close your doors….witch is on the way


image credit

Happy Halloween to all….


image credit

Don’t be afraid…I am with you


image credit

Open the door…..see I am here


image credit

Oh…God. This one loves the blood


image credit

Halloween Greetings by spider man


image credit

Mom…..its mummy


image credit

Hold my hand….and let’s celebrate Halloween together


image credit

May I help you?


image credit

Hmmm….we must believe on her


image credit

Batman…welcome to Halloween


image credit

Halloween and Pumpkins are side by side


image credit

It is not nightmare…its Halloween


image credit

It’s not funny….


image credit

Welcome to my world


image credit

Humans and birds both run away from this scary scarecrow


image credit

Halloween emojis….


image credit

Ok…now please close your mouth


image credit

Scary cats….


image credit

All in one place….happy family


image credit

Evil tree….


image credit

Witches are out….its freaking


image credit

skull Stop….stop staring at me


image credit

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