8 Scary Pumpkin Makeup Looks Ideas For Halloween

Halloween is not complete without pumpkins. Whether it is in your decorations, food or drinks, pumpkins add a Halloween spirit to everything. So why not dress up as a scary pumpkin this Halloween?

There are so many scary pumpkin makeup looks that you can try, they give a spooky vibe. Here are some Halloween pumpkin makeup ideas for men and women to help you dress up as a scary pumpkin:

1. Classic Pumpkin Makeup

The best way to show a pumpkin while keeping your glam on is by painting half of your face like a pumpkin and leaving half of your face as it is. This is a classic scary pumpkin makeup idea that you must try. You can add illusions to make it look like crack or you can leave it as it is.

2. Glitter Pumpkin Makeup Idea

Why not take the scary pumpkin look to another level? Paint your face and create a pumpkin design. Add glitter or sparkle to finish the look. It will look spooky and turn heads.

3. Half-human, Half pumpkin makeup

Create a pumpkin design on half of your face and put makeup on the other half. This will create an illusion of half-human and half pumpkin. This look will require a bit of practice.

4. Wounded Pumpkin makeup

Want to give your friends a good scare with face paint? Add a bit of blood and wounds around some part of your face and create a pumpkin design on the rest of your face. This will make it look like your skin is coming off and will give some people a good scare.

5. Realistic pumpkin makeup ideas

Paint your full face in orange and create a pumpkin design. You can make it creepy by adding grass and dirt on your face. This Halloween makeup idea requires a bit of practice but it is achievable.

6. Full face Pumpkin Make-up

This is a traditional makeup look that requires your creativity. Pain your whole face orange and add details with black. This is a scary pumpkin makeup look that will creep your friends.

7. Pumpkin eyes and mouth Makeup

If you do not want to paint your whole face orange, you can still create a scary pumpkin makeup look. Make your eyes and mouth black, and you have a creepy Jack-o-lantern look that you can rock this Halloween.

8. Illusion Pumpkin makeup looks

This makeup look makes it look like your skin is being held up. Here the whole skin looks like a pumpkin, but some parts look like a human. This is a fun look to create, and you can make it a little extra by adding glitter or fake blood.

There is a lot of scary pumpkin makeup looks for you to try. You can go for something extra, like creating an illusion, or go for the simple whole pumpkin look.

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