30 Cool Seagull Tattoo With Meaning and Designs Ideas

Even if you are not an animal lover still, love for seagulls is ultimate. These beautiful birds are found usually near water and prefer to live somewhere next to the sea. Seagulls do not have the ability to fly high but still can flap their wings above the ocean. Fish and crabs are included in their diet or they also eat any small creatures next to the coast. If you are a beach lover, most probably you might have witnessed them because their presence on a relaxing day enables an individual to wish for a hot coffee, tea or a cocktail.

From last some years, a seagull has become a famous animal and its popularity have allowed people to get it inked. Seagull tattoos symbolism is more than just being a bird. So, find out their significance on your body.

Calmness: Seagull tattoos depict calmness because they do live somewhere near humans and are known for their calm behavior. However, seagulls do not get very close to humans.

Resistance: Seagulls are resistant in nature and can live even in rough conditions. Hot temperature and storms prove to be hard for many people while seas and oceans get cold during winter, but they are able to withstand even rough temperatures.

Seagulls do have a great significance in different cultures. Many countries have flags or numerous emblems based on seagulls. Chippewa or Athena Tribe used seagulls pictures in their art. It was also displayed as totems in many areas. Even in Greek Mythology, they were recognized as THE WHITE GODDESS and was respected by people. Thus, the overall symbolism of seagull is based on its behavior. It is a carefree bird known for its freedom as well as independence.

It is true that seagull symbol as tattoo is inked on bodies. It represents unique character of an individual. Seagull tattoos were popular among sailors because of their infinite adventurous life and inconsistency behavior. These birds are magnificent and are also popular among prisoners illustrating long-awaited freedom. Another meaning of seagull tattoo depicts innocence, lightness, spiritual strength and flight of soul.

Shaded sailor seagull

robotic seagull tattoo on sleeve

Image Credit

Detailed realistic seagull print on inner forearm

realistic seagull tattoo on forearm

Image Credit

Watercolor seagull ink pattern

watercolor seagull bird tattoo on forearm

Image Credit

Natural painting tattoo with flying seagulls

realistic painting with seagulls tattoo on full arm

Image Credit

Geometrical landscape tattoo

inner bicep tattoo with hyper-realistic painting and flying seagull in triangles

Image Credit

Lighthouse tattoo idea

drawing tattoo with flying seagull on sleeve for men

Image Credit

Small seagull print tattoo on finger

small seagull print tattoo on finger

Image Credit

Amazing cool skin ripped tattoo

flying seagulls tattoo in ripped skin on forearm for men

Image Credit

Feminine seagull wrist pattern

seagulls tattoo on wrist for women

Image Credit

Best detailed tattoo ever

watercolor seagull bird tattoo on shoulder blade

Image Credit

Fascinating seagull details

printed seagull tattoo pattern on shoulder

Image Credit

Time to let go

flying seagulls from feather tattoo with quote

Image Credit

flying feather birds tattoo

seagulls birds feather tattoo for women

Image Credit

Enjoy ultimate freedom

seagulls feather and quote tattoo on arm

Image Credit

Shoulder seagull tattoos for girls

small seagulls tattoo on back shoulder for girls

Image Credit

Seagull tattoos designs on foot

seagulls tattoo on foot

Image Credit

Welcome good luck seagull pattern

seagull tattoo sketch on chest for men

Image Credit

Artistic male seagulls tattoos

seagulls tattoo on leg

Image Credit

Ultimate sailor tattoo

seagull anchor tattoo

Image Credit

Beautiful Seagull 3d tattoo design on shoulder

beautiful watercolor seagull tattoo on shoulder for women

Image Credit

Let me enjoy freedom

seagull tattoo with phrase freedom

Image Credit

Vector seagull pattern

diamond shaped seagull tattoo on forearm

Image credit

Innocent seagull watercolor tattoo

watercolor seagull tattoo on ribs

Image Credit

Fierce watercolor seagull

black watercolor ink seagull tattoo

Image Credit

Small neckline colorful seagull bird

watercolor seagull tattoo on collarbone

Image Credit

Cute flying seagull

seagull freedom tattoo

Image Credit

Single line seagull pattern

singleline seagull tattoo design on chest with clouds

Image Credit

Polygonal bird

polygonal seagull bird tattoo

Image Credit

Huge seagull back tattoo

seagull bird tattoos on back

Image Credit

Cute and colorful tattoo

tiny heart anchor and seagull tattoo

Image Credit

Most popular body part to get seagull tattoo design, is shoulder and arms. We have gathered the best collection of seagull tattoos which will surely be an inspiration. Do not forget to share your views with us.

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