20 Amazing Shield Tattoo Design Ideas for Men

Shield tattoos have ancient origin but are still loved by many, although shield tattoos are very rare sight but they are still liked. These tattoos are mostly loved by those men who not only love its ancient origin but can also carry such tattoo with grace. Shield tattoo symbolizes braveness, love, and protection for one’s self and their loved ones.

Shield tattoo brings out men’s inner attributes which make them strong and kind. In old times, the knights of the king used to adorn their body with such tattoos to look more appealing and brave.

Shield tattoos are very detailed and large designs. These tattoos are mostly done on areas which provides large a canvas for the tattoo design such as arms, back and chest. Among all the locations, shield tattoos are mostly done on arms as they are clearly visible. These tattoos are a great way to show off the inner alpha male, which is always ready to protect others.

Shield tattoos can be designed in many different ways depending on the person’s preference, family and personality. More often than not shield tattoo contains family crest or name. If you’re someone who loves animal, then you can choose a shield tattoo with any animal such as a lion or a bear. Shield tattoo with a sword is another very popular tattoo which look both brave and beautiful. Many men prefer to get a knight in an armor tattoo who is holding a shield and a sword.

This tattoo is very detailed and require a large area but the end result is very elegant and striking. You can also use another tattoo symbol to make your shield tattoo look more creative and beautiful. One popular symbol for the tattoo is a skull. Skull and shield tattoo symbolizes that you’re fearless and protective. You can do this with any symbol of your choice.

Your tattoo doesn’t always has to symbolize something. You can get a tattoo for the simple fact that you like it. Many readers who love Harry Potter choose to get a shield tattoo with the House Crest of their favorite house such as Gryffindor or Slytherin. If you’re a fan of Marvel World then you can get a tattoo of Captain America’s shield. The choices for the shield tattoo is limitless.

While most of the shield tattoos are black and white or gray inked tattoos you can make it look more beautiful by adding colors.

But before getting any tattoo you should always do a thorough research about the kind of tattoo you want to avoid regretting it later. While shield tattoo symbolize many things you can always add your own design to make it more personalize according to your liking. Here are some amazing shield tattoo ideas which we’ve chosen for you:

Amazing Shield and Skull Tattoo

shield tattoo on upper sleeve

Image Via

Treasure Armor Tattoo

treasure armor shield tattoo on forearm

Image Via

Striking Sword and Shield Tattoo

sword armor shield tattoo on upper sleeve

Image Via

Gorgeous Circular Shield Tattoo

greek spartan shield tattoo

Image Via

Large Shield Tattoo on Arm

shoulder armor shield tattoo on upper sleeve

Image Via

Celtic Shield Tattoo

celtic interlocking patterns of knots shield armor tattoo

Image Via

Knight Armor Tattoo

knight shoulder armor tattoo

Image Via

Beautiful Family Crest Shield Tattoo

family crest shield cross tattoo on ribs cage

Image Via

Pretty Colorful Legend of Zelda Shield

colorful legend of zelda shield tattoo on leg

Image Via

Traditional Bear Warrior

traditional bear warrior shield tattoo

Image Via

3D Captain America Shield Tattoo

captain america shield tattoo on shoulder

Image Via

Gorgeous 3D Family Crest Shield Ripping through Skin

ripped skin celtic shield tattoo on chest

Image Via

Beautiful Detailed Aztec Sun God Shield on Back

aztec sun god shield tattoo design on back

Image Via

3D Christian Warrior Shield

3D Christian Shield Tattoo Design for warriors

Image Via

Knight Armor Shield Tattoo

warrior knight armor shield tattoo on shoulder to chest

Image Via

Knight Celtic Dragon and Lion Shield

knight shield lion and dragon tattoo design

Image Via

Guardian Angel Holding Shield

guardian angel with shield half sleeve tattoo

Image Via

Shield with Cross Swords 3D Design

shield and cross swords tattoo design

Image Via

Harry Potter Slytherin Shield Design

harry potter tattoos slytherin shield

Image Via

Warrior Angel with Shield and Sword

warrior angel with shield and sword tattoo by Enoki Soju

Image Via

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