Studying Medicine: What Country To Choose

For forever, medicine has been known as one of the World’s noblest and most lucrative professions. And, choosing to study medicine abroad in the countries that offer the best studies of medicine offers the most thrilling experiences that a student can gain. There are endless opportunities to choose from. Although, every country has its different courses, created based on the criteria that they consider the best. Some of the pros of studying abroad are that you will get a quality education, with the latest medical equipment and research strategies. And you will gain healthcare knowledge in a variety of cultures and systems.

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All in all, this is a profession that promotes a healthier society for all of us, and there are many students interested in studying in this field. Although, that doesn’t make it easy! Becoming a medical professional will require a lot of lessons, coursework’s, reading many library books, doing research, and writing a lot of medicine essays, and after going through some oncology and cancer essay examples, we can surely say that many students even ask for help with their essays. But still, all that hard work will pay up in the end, because as we already said, medicine is the noblest profession out there, and the medical professionals are the real-life heroes for all of us.

Although, academic studies may not be the hardest part. Because to many students, the most daunting task is choosing the country and the university to study in. So, to help you, here are some key points that you should consider before choosing where to start your story.

  • World-renowned universities- when choosing the country, you should make sure that it has some of the top colleges in the world.
  • Cost of the study- The price can vary across universities, and countries, so make sure that you check it.
  • Course Duration — In certain countries, the studies can be as long as 7 years, and in others 4.
  • Job Opportunities — Studying in a better country will give you better chances after graduation.
  • Language — To avoid the language barrier, you should choose a country where English is used.

With that said, let’s continue to the list of the best countries.

5 Best Countries to Study Medicine in the World

The United Kingdom

The UK is s the number one country to study medicine in, and it is known as the most outstanding destination for study abroad experiences. This country has the best colleges that offer high-quality education. Although the students have to meet specific criteria to qualify for those colleges.

Another thing that makes this country the best one is the fact that after graduation, the students have the chance to work two years in the UK hospitals.

Some of the best universities there are Cambridge, Nottingham, and Keele University.


Ukraine is the home to many world-class medical colleges that offer quality education at a reasonable cost. The yearly cost for colleges in Ukraine is around $4000-6000. And some of the best colleges there are Dnipropetrovsk Medical Academy and Kharkiv National Medical University.

Hong Kong

To be able to study in any of the Schools in Hong Kong, students need to have a minimum score of 7 in the IELTS/TOEFL. Also, they are required to apply online to prove skill in a second language that is not English, and their programs are around 6 years long. After finishing the semesters, the students go on an internship for one year. and they have an opportunity to work at the hospitals of Hong Kong for up to 6 years.


Malaysia is known as the most popular among the best countries to study medicine in and also offers the best study abroad experiences. The colleges there offer high-quality education at an affordable price, and the country itself has a low cost of living. Also, studying there doesn’t require a lot of standards and criteria as the other countries. Some of the best universities there are Monash University and International Medical University.


France is popular for its prominent universities, although they only teach in French. Also, the students need to pass Medical Entrance Examination and register for the FYHS. The studies are 6 years long, and later on, there are extra three to five years of clinical residency training. Their studies are classified into three cycles: primer Cycle d’etudesMedicales, Deuxieme Cycle des Etudes Medicale and the last cycle involves two study programs. The best universities include Pierre and Marie Curie University, Paris Diderot University, and Paris Descartes University.

Conclusion: Everyone knows that medicine is the most lucrative and professional profession. So, if you are looking to become a professional in this field, it is better that you do it abroad in some of the best countries in the world. We hope that our list of recommended countries and universities will help you with your choice.

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